Why do we fight so much?

Interesting little video, that highlights why we (all of us) react in certain ways, when our ideology and/or beliefs are challenged.

If we can get past the primal instincts, I truly believe we would find a lot more in common, than different. And maybe then, we could work together to solve problems, instead of fight so damn much,

Is it posted anywhere besides fb?

Yeah, i deleted my facebook account too. Or bully for you if you never bought into that.

I think we can have passionate discussions while still being cordial. There’s usually an area of agreement in even the most contentious issue, if you’re willing to discuss and not resort to name calling.


The Readers Digest Condensed version is…….simply agree with your ole pal Smyrna.:sunglasses:

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My inner optimist still believes in this as a possibility, even as my inner cynic and inner realist gang up to beat him back into the corner.


The video seems pertinent today.

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Thanks Wolf…

Are you related to Bad Wolf by chance…?


I think the instinct to defend one’s tribe, or ideas…can at times influence one’s reaction in an irrational manner.

I am sure I have been guilty of that.

I think we all have. It’s something that you have to constantly be on the lookout for.

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The way information is processed and transmitted via internet (media sites and social media) doesn’t lend itself well to the type of reasoned response the video promotes. We get online and receive an onslaught of data served to us in an endless stream mini bites (bytes?) that we consume and move on to the next morsel, never stopping to question what we’re consuming or how/why it was served the way it was. Point being, the medium is not designed for prolonged, reasoned analysis of information, and thats what can make it dangerous. It can be done, but most of us won’t invest the energy and the data peddlers count on that.

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If you’re talking about the forum member who ate a ban some time ago, no. No relation to anyone here, leastways none that I’m aware of. :wink:

I don’t have any answers.

I suspect what has to happen is the “100th monkey” effect - enough people have to decide the status quo is no longer acceptable that we reach a societal tipping point, and things change to reflect the new mindset.

Right now banality, triviality, vindictiveness, and tribalism dominate all aspects of society, including the White House and Congress. We as a people don’t crave truth so much as being told we’re superior and right, and our media is more than happy to satisfy that craving until we decide on something better.

Pretty much this.

See? My problem is that i believe there is no turning back the clock. The next step after Trump is almost as scary to me as our current predicament.

But yes, things need to change. People need to be motivated. I don’t want this to be normal anymore. Next please.

Good post.

And then there is 2.17 of the video you posted.

There likely is little hope the clock gets turned back unless something particularly traumatic happens.

Like a school shooting?