Why Do So Many US Companies Do Business In China?

Cheaper wages?
Less regulation?

Seems China is the beacon of free markets when it comes to wages and regulation.

And yet, conservatives want big government to protect businesses against this competition?

Is the problem China, or is the problem greedy corporate business models that our nation has glorified since the 70s?

China is not a free market. You’re partnered with Chinese goverment for one. Two they control who can build start ups and who can do business in China.

It’s the system that the left want to emulate here.

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And yet so many US businesses do business there. Why?

And yet so many more are locked out.

You want to do business with China…partner with em. Give them your trade secrets and know how.

Cheaper wages
Less regulation
And… the hope of being to sell into the giant Chinese market.

I think Ivanka can answer these questions better than most people around here.

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Market size.

Only businesses that give away trade secrets work with China?

liberals wanted big government to protect them from industrial polluters.

Let’s bring them all back here.

It’s just another place to sell ■■■■■

They seem to think China would allow Apple to sell their phones in China if they were made elsewhere.

Looks like the same reason Boeing recently outsourced from unionized Seattle to non union South Carolina:

Lower cost of living means lower wages & production costs. Bottom line: due to lower costs and a very large potential customer base, it’s cheaper.


Race to the bottom so corps can continue to make huge profits!

Making America Great!


Do you think she’s in cahoots with Biden’s son after he pocketed 1.5 billion on a father son trip to China?

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Race to China!

Nah, she’s daddy’s girl. There’s no way she’s in cahoots with anyone but her criminal family.


You’re right, Biden has more to worry about with all these investigations going on!



Outsourcing to various national and international venues was taking place long before Trump was sworn innas POTUS.

And if anything South Carolina was light years ahead of the New England states with regards to materials, technologies & cost of living when towns like Fall River began losing business to them:

He’s going to have to worry about 1/1024 native American breathing down his back. :wink:

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