Why Do So Many US Companies Do Business In China?

Obviously old news.

Obviously. :rofl:

Nope, Trump campaign hats are not made in China.

The Trump 2020 banners are also third-party products and available all over Amazon but not Trump’s official campaign store. I won’t link to either to avoid redirecting for promotional purposes.

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My company would be surprised to know that.

Maybe I just imagine that we work in China…

Mostly because the expenses of manufacturing in your intended market that can afford your products, also have rules regarding pollution, health insurance, paid days off that remove corporate profits.

Sounds like China is the conservative dream

If…they participated in open trade, they would be but they don’t so…they need a tariff spanky. :sunglasses:

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Funny how big business in the US is so eager to take advantage of evil foreign economies. Yet cons weap when tax rates are raised

Funny that china is being looked at when India is doing the same thing

India’s been doing it longer.

True and his nibbs is having a Bromance with the PM

Of course. “Art of the Deal” and all that.

Aye globalization id OK if you like the other person if not its BAD!!! Slave wages!!!

Why do so many US companies do business in Gyna?
I’m not sure why, but we should ask this patriot the same question.