Why do people want to leave countries that have no racism and go to countries that have systemic racism?

Assuming racism is the root of all kinds of “evil” as ostensibly many believe, I find it perplexing that people would want to leave countries where there’s no racism and want to go to countries that are predominantly white, in which most (if not all) have systemic racism?

Clearly I am assuming that the majority of immigration is from predominantly non-white countries to predominantly white countries.

…and then set up smaller versions of what they left behind, in their new home and start the whole process all over again.

The things that make you say, hmmmmmmmmmm. :sunglasses:

What is it about racism that makes people get so defensive?


Probably because as a white person being labeled a racist is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Then you factor in there are people who believe just being born white makes you a racist and things go downhill fast.


This must be fake news. I was assured right here on this very forum that if Biden won the election, the US would become a place where no one wanted to live.

Do you have an answer to the question?

…cuz those perpetuating this bull feces are pointing their lying finger at all white males.

■■■■■■■■■ they did say illegal aliens would flock here and they have started They also said he would make the place worse. But I can see why a self proclaimed conservative would spout that.

Usually those making the claim are the most racist.

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Virtually every race in America agrees, black people are the most racist group. So why are we targeting white people as if they are?

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The accusations attack them on the basis of their race.


Then go back in history and chastise those white people.

Can’t do it and it wouldn’t get them what they want anyway.

I agree. Being labeled racist simply because of your race is unfair and wrong. You can’t broad brush on that micro level. Everyone has different experiences, thoughts, beliefs. On a macro level, I do think it’s fair to say that white people have a great responsibility to acknowledge, learn, and grow about race and racism in this country.

Because systemic racism is a desperate attempt to find racism where none exists. Basically you’re guilty just by being alive.

White people have been teaching their children racism is wrong for a long time. Other people teach their children it is completely fair to hate white people.


Which is wrong. All white males aren’t racist. Anyone pointing that finger is wrong. As a white man, I personally don’t feel attacked in that way. I can acknowledge that is wrong, but also understand white people, as a whole, have a lot to do in regards to race and growth.

:rofl: That is an amazing post.


In some cases possibly. In others, it’s warranted.