Why did the GOP vote against vet healthcare bill?

The difference between seeking internet links to get pissy about, and getting your information delivered directly to you from a matter-of-fact source:

– VA Secretary Denis R. McDonough


Brandon sign it yet?

He can do that before it’s voted on?

They haven’t voted on it yet?

Not even the Senate

Well… hurry up!

Edit: I was mistaken

It has, in fact, passed both the House and the Senate.

It has not yet been presented to Biden to sign, I imagine that will happen in the next few days.


Actually I think it was scheduled to be signed but he tested positive again and he wants to make this a public signing.

I know. Has Brandon signed it?

Sick soldiers can wait.

The bill should be called inflation on steroids. It will certainly boost an already horrible inflation.

Wrong bill, we were talking about the VA burn pit bill.

Thought you were talking about the green new deal mess of a bill.

Good direct information. Is there more about the other portions of the bill that define the Camp Lejeune portion of the same bill? They also discuss Ft Mclellan, Agent Orange and death benefits, but I would be interested to know what others think of Section 804 of the bill.