Why did the DOJ submit false information about the location of Kamala Harris on January 6?

It turns out that contrary to news reports and court documents, Kamala Harris was at the DNC headquarters, not the US Capitol on January 6, 2020. Even more bizarre, her security detail reportedly found one of the pipe bombs just minutes before the first protestors entered the Capitol.

Curiously the FBI appears to have very little interest in finding the alleged bomber.

That is what Tucker Carlson reported last night; similar reports appeared in Politico in November and January but received little attention in the media.

My observation is that an RNC staffer reportedly found a bomb at the RNC headquarters independently at almost exactly the same time as Harris’s security detail were reportedly finding the bomb at the DNC. In addition, a curious video has emerged of the alleged bomber allegedly waving to Capitol Police on the night of January 5. Bizarre “coincidences” keep accumulating.

Why did it take many months for the DOJ to revise court documents about the location of Kamala Harris? Why did they falsely place Harris in the Capitol to begin with?

Is the apparent coverup of Harris’s true location just another example of a campaign of disinformation and false flags coming from the DOJ/FBI?

The video in the tweet appears to be a excerpt from the FBI video starting at 3:11. Here is a link:


Connecting the dots here, it looks a lot like the DC police dropped off Kamala Harris so that she could plant bombs at the DNC and frame Trump’s supporters.


Carlson is playing a game of “Stupid Clue”

Seems to me DHS should be investigating CoJ for giving out false information and inciting you know what…as possible terrorist threat. :wink:


The bombing incident looks very suspicious on multiple levels.

A related issue is that the timing of finding the bombs appears to have been ideal to maximize the confusion at the Capitol. The bombs were allegedly dropped around 8 pm and found about 1 pm the next day. If they had been found a few hours later, they would have not affected the events in the Capitol.

If they had been found the night before, it would have been clear that the bombs were less likely to be related to the protests and there would have been time to sort out what was going on.

I don’t know how people think that if there was a grand conspiracy by the FBI to do this that it makes Trump look good.

IMO it makes him look worse.

Because who was in control of the DOJ at the time?


Yes, logically the DOJ lawyers should be charged with making false statements on court documents.

As Carlson notes, the location of the Vice-President-elect inside the Capitol was a key argument used in multiple indictments and court filings. This is not some incidental issue, and Harris’s location was certainly known to the government.

The disinformation campaign about Harris’s location has a lot of parallels with the murder-by-fire-extinguisher hoax.

If the DOJ deliberately made a false statements like this in court, should the corresponding indictments be dropped?


What’s even funnier is the DOJ correcting their own error is somehow a coverup.

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Same with Epstein. Somehow, the Clintons outsmarted Trump and Barr, and got to him.

“Hey, Bill, it says here we’ve shown little interest in finding the guy behind the pipe bomb.”

“Thanks, Bob! So we still going to the game Saturday?”

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The government knew the location of Harris from the beginning. The false statements were almost certainly deliberate, and it took many months to admit the “mistake”.

The DOJ has prosecuted people for making false statements to FBI agents about much smaller issues.


It’s a cover up by giving the correct information.

Why are you eating time in the internet? Get to DC and save the day!!

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Yeah… that one is crazy.

Even my dad said something about Epstein and I brought up why in all of the people that are implicated in that conspiracy theory that Trump isn’t a target.

The guy who hung out with Epstein for years, Who was in charge of the Prisons and also the reason that it broke was because Trump’s Labor Secretary had to resign because that was the dude who gave Epstein the sweetheart deal.

Yet for some reason the people who were actually in control somehow had nothing to do with it.


The Democrats vigorously made false allegations about Russia and stuff for years … are you implying they’d pass on making accusations that Trump was behind killing Epstein?

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There are two extensive reports on what happened in the 2016 election.

Too bad no one read them.

Why would they make that accusation?

it is without basis.

Certain dates echo throughout history, including dates that instantly remind all who have lived through them – where they were and what they were doing when our democracy came under assault. Dates that occupy not only a place on our calendars, but a place in our collective memory. December 7th, 1941. September 11th, 2001. And January 6th, 2021.–Kamala Harris

Why has Harris never mentioned that she was within feet of the DNC bomb when it was discovered on January 6?



Yes, the celebrated “anti-Trump resistance” that was protecting Democracy.

The seriousness of the charges alone matter when Democrats make them. So why not? All they have to do is accuse and the media runs with it. They don’t even have spice it up like they did in the past with that SR71 flight to Paris.


Because it is a dumb conspiracy theory.

Just like this pipe bomb nonsense.