Why did liberals stop caring about over population?

This is an incredibly eye opening study. A fascinating read. Apparently human activity has destroyed 83 percent of the wild animals. Of all the mammals on Earth, only 4% are wild animals. Let that sink in. Great article. Give it a read.

Death and taxes, people. Death and taxes. lol

We didn’t. There are just so many things we things we can effectively advocate for at a time with the amount of resistance conservatives mount against any sort of change whatsoever so you don’t hear about it as much

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I wouldn’t say they have at all.

Because they want mass immigration that can’t be assimilated and all the retirement entitlements programs are pyramid schemes that are unsustainable without ever increasing populations.

We have? That is news to me.

Global population is now projected to level off at about 11 billion in 2100, thanks to widespread birth control programs and lower infant mortality necessitating less kids.

11 billion is probably still too many (particularly as a higher and higher % can afford / demand more meat), but it’s not the looming crisis it once was.

We’ll be cloning meat long before 2100, so there’s no worries about food.

I mean we already are, and it’s becoming far cheaper.

But yeah, hopefully it becomes affordable on a widespread basis. That and GM crops should save us on the food front.

If not, meat takes up a lot of land compared to crops like rice etc.

I’m not a fan of GMO foods, particularly in corn and wheat (I have the genetic markers for celiac disease). Cloning beef/chicken/lamb/etc., doesn’t require changes to the genetic structure, so there’s nothing (in theory) detrimental about the idea.

To the OP please do show where I, as a Liberal, have indicated that I have stopped caring about overpopulation.

Thanks in advance.

I thought you were a Republican? Did they finally get to you? :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of panic and non-scientific scare ■■■■■■■■ surrounding GM crops, they’re perfectly safe and are the ultimate solution to famines on a global basis.

The legitimate criticism lies in the way some of the GM crop companies (Monsanto etc) behave on the business end. Leasing out seeds, suing farmers for cross-pollination etc etc.

Monsanto is evil.

What I’ve seen from my personal research is that the reason for the increase in “gluten intolerance” comes from the fact that modern corn/grain crops contain far more gluten (Glia-α9) than the crops grown when my parents were kids.

I mean yeah, they’re basically a cartoon villain in real life.

GM crops will save millions if not billions of lives nonetheless. One of the best inventions of modern times.

That’d be interesting, given that peanut allergies appear to be due to lack of exposure to such.

I have basically zero concerns when it comes to GM crops. Insecticides on the other hand are a major problem on several fronts, but the solution there is more GM.

While they might be the solution to world hunger the bolded is not entirely true. Just like the overprescription of antibiotics has created super bugs so has using GM crops.

Also, is gluten intolerance really increase? I know lots of people claim to be intolerant but aren’t, but I’ve never looked into whether or not rates are raising or just more widely recognised (ala autism).

You may be mistaken my intent. I’m all for GMO, it’s just that dramatically increasing the gluten in a crop has had negative health effects for upwards of 10% of the population. That’s no small number, and I’m most certain that we can find a healthier means of food production as our species fantasizes about colonizing another planet.