Why did/does man create religions?


We did. You just dont read what we type.


No. If you fear having religion forced on you against your will, then that is your business. I won’t try to talk you out of it. Personally, I think it’s a silly idea. But that’s just me.


I’m more familiar with the fifteen percent or so who believe abortion is wrong and should not be supported by the government. Keep in mind, many people of faith support abortion.


Tell that to gay people. Or the person being beheaded by ISIS


NOBODY is saying religious people cant vote. If you cant be an adult here and have an honest conversation then just say so. The question was, WHY atheists care. It’s because throughout history religious people VOTE for religiously inspired laws that affect EVERYONE. This is absurd.


On the other hand, what should be obvious is that Meri has been pointing out that America is made up of people of faith and people of no faith. Each person, no matter what their faith, has a say in government. Should we be compartmentalizing those with whom we disagree and hint their votes should not count? If this country was a Muslim theocracy, they would be hinting that neither the vote of the Christian nor the atheist should count. Which hint to do you consider the most egregious?


It’s amazing that people cant accept that others pay attention to laws they disagree with.


NO ONE is saying that religious people shouldnt vote. How many times do I have to say this? Incredible.


Seriously Meri, this is ridiculous.


[quote=“AlexMcAlpine, post:262, topic:101247”]
The Coversos were forced to convert from Judaism to Christianity
During the 1700s and 1800s, woe betide the individual who did not go to church every Sunday.[/quote]

Do you have something more recent than two or three hundred years ago? That issue has been resolved for quite some time.

Heaven forbid that honesty and service to others be forced into politics.


Then why complain about the Evangelical vote for the President which might change the make-up of the Supreme Court?


It isn’t “forced into politics”. Are you seriously arguing that our politics are full of honesty and service to others? Neither are those traits owned by Christian’s. What arrogance to believe that Christians are the ones who invented “honesty” and “service to others”.


And, seriously, I found it so. Religion is not being forced on you.


I’m explaining why atheists care about religion in our societies lol this is ridiculous


Me personally? You back to that strawman?


You cant even practice that in your own churches consistently (child abuse and cover up).


Relax. I did not claim honesty and service are owned by Christians. These are values Christians feel they should exemplify–especially in service to the country. In other words, Christian politicians are not there to force people into religion or into church. They are their to serve with honesty and integrity. That is what is meant by bringing Christian values into politics. I understand that you may feel the more politically correct phrasing would be to simply say, “Let’s bring a the values of a service of honesty and integrity back into politics.” In that case, I’d recommend growing a thicker skin. There is no need to cringe at the word “Christian.”


No, it isnt. They arent “Christian” values. They are basic values that almost everyone shares, Christian or not. Just like you said:


You didnt say that. You said “force”. Are you saying we need to force “service to others” in society/politics? Sounds socialist.

Single payer as a service to others? Politicians working for free?


Why did evangelicals vote for Trump? What is Christian about trump?