Why did/does man create religions?


Weve also made it clear that the discussion was about why atheists care. So that we can be sure it DOESNT get forced on us. So that we dont drift into theocratic tendencies. Thank God for the courts and more sane voters. Otherwise all it takes is for evangelicals to vote in a POTUS and Senate to reshape SCOTUS.


I’ve already explained it. That’s the point. You can browse the thread and read it.


The government is filled with religious people, some motivated by their religion. Some swear on the Bible. In history some have helped enact laws that prevent gay marriage, due to religious belief. Some public schools have curriculum that denies evolution and teaches creationism. Many used religion as a basis for segregation.


How about women who want abortions? There’s a never ending fight from religious folks wanting to make abortions illegal.


Likewise, there are pro-life atheists.


We are talking about an example where a religious organization forced you personally to take part in a religion or to practice a religion.


What was its original shape? What is its preferred shape? What shape do you fear?

Are you fearful that a person of faith cannot uphold the Constitution of the United States? Do you believe the only thing that would allay your fears is to appoint atheists as Supreme Court Justices?


No one made a claim that “we are being forced to practice a religion”. Why do you keep mistepresenting what people are saying?


I think you maybe exhibiting unnecessary fear. There is no indication that this has ever been close to happening. Remember all of the anti catholic bigotry that JFK faced? It turned out to be media paranoia. Nobody is going to ignore the constitution and force their religion on you. There is not even the slightest hint that this may happen. Currently only Islam is about force.


Sometimes YES. That’s why we had the SCOTUS overrule gay marriage laws.


Except they have throughout history. And thankfully, eventually after many years SCOTUS struck them down. I mean, are we really just going to flatly deny history here?


Among atheists and agnostics, 84% say abortion should be legal in most or all cases. … Secular Pro - Life is opposed to elective abortion, except in situations where the mother’s life is at risk and early delivery is not a viable option.


I am not misrepresenting the question I asked. Yesterday I was asking you if such a thing took place and all I got in return was that you know gay people or people who fought Muslims. So the answer to my question of yesterday is, “No one has ever forced me to practice a religion.” Thank you. I didn’t think it was so hard to answer.


Oh so you admit that religion tries to force their beliefs on others? It’s obvious what you and meri are really doing is defending American Christians. Are you concerned about Islam? Why would you be - you arent a Muslim


Seriously. We are discussing trigger’s response to altair. Once again, your question is irrelevant.


I and no one claimed weve been “forced to practice a religion”. Enough with your strawmen. Its exhausting.


:slight_smile: I’m glad we agree I didn’t misrepresent the question I asked yesterday.


The Coversos were forced to convert from Judaism to Christianity
During the 1700s and 1800s, woe betide the individual who did not go to church every Sunday.

Quite frequently we hear politicians - conservatives mostly - say we must return to "Christian values. " When they say that in the political arena, they are clearly talking about forcing Christianity into politics.


Of course you arent misrepresenting YOUR question. I never claimed you weren’t. Instead you are building strawmen, asking irrelevant questions, and derailing the thread. Seemingly because you cant admit that religious groups influence laws that are religiously inspired.


A point you should have made yesterday. Which returns us to the discussion of yesterday. When it comes to lawfully making a case or casting a vote, people of faith have equal input to American government as people of no faith. People of no faith are no more being forced that people of faith.