Why did/does man create religions?


I lost you. The only time I mentioned force is that politicians in our government do not force people to practice a religion. I’m not sure how that is socialist.




Why Are you denying what you posted?


Why are you wanting to force service to others?


I don’t know. I have heard some people opine it may have been Mrs. Clinton’s thoughts about religion when she said that deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.


And no one claimed our government “forces people to practice a religion”. Strawmanfactory. .


I don’t know–What say you? I’m more interested in his economic and government policies, myself. I especially care about how he handles Korea.


Wait a minute. You’re not saying that evangelicals were scared of non Christian beliefs being forced on then are you? Hahahaha


You dont know what is Christian about trump?


It’s almost as if who we elect effects our ability to not be influenced by opposing religious views. Thanks for playing.


US Military academies used to go out of their way to force their cadets to accept Christianity.

Below is only one example.

Cadets weren’t given a choice, they were shamed or forced into participating in Christian rites.


Again, we are on different trains of thought. We had been talking about people being forced.

So I take it that you are against good qualities being forced into politics? I suspect you know they can’t be. We can’t even seem to insist that they be followed.


Why would they be scared of that. You’ve said over and over the government isnt forcing religion on people. Wait, are you saying Hillary voters shouldnt have their voices heard? See what I did there…


No we arent. We are now at a point where you are denying things you’ve said.


Huh? Another strawman.


Yes you said:

What service to others do you want forced?


No…we didn’t like it when gay marriages WERENT ALLOWED…not that they “weren’t performed by the courts”.

Don’t be disingenuous.


We are told our elected officials are public servants. Are you unfamiliar with the term? I wouldn’t be surprised if many are. Too many of our politicians go to Washington only to return with padded bank accounts for themselves and/or their spouses. (I’m a little cynical about a few of our California officials.)


So how do you force it? Mandated tax returns? Should trump release his taxes?


Are you talking legally? If it’s already illegal, then it’s being forced already. Otherwise, pls give an example. If they are padding bank accounts, doesnt that mean they are valuable to some people?