Why did Cuomo Send C-19 Patients to Nursing Homes?

Did he not say “We have to take care of our elderly” then the NEXT DAY require nursing homes to accept C-19 patients?

Did Cuomo do this to run up the body count?

Sorry, don’t trust any leftist politician. The ends justifies the means to them, this shutdown has shown them to be authoritarian, & their history. I think they will do anything to get what they want, ultimate POWER. I also think if they ever get enough power, they will imprison, enslave, & kill all opposition. Marx was ok with a 20% genocide to get what he wanted. He’s their father.

If you think this is not possible, just remember how the left did with Obamacare:

-If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor
-It will save you $2500 a year - It cost me almost $2800 a MONTH, it was $460 a month before
-If you like your policy, you can keep it, I didn’t get to the first month Obamacare was imposed, 12,000 other employees didn’t either
-And all the other many outright lies to do with healthcare


Why did he do it? Because he’s an idiot just like his little brother “Fredo”? :thinking:


I doubt there was nefarious intent behind his decision. I think it made sense to him at the time.

To me it was a stupid move, but there are governors and mayors all across the country making their best guesses. Some are right. Some are very wrong.


That kind of reasoned stance is not conducive to the Hannity Experience.


And that kind of reasoning despite his intent does not excuse him.

There was plenty of information at the time that the elderly needed to be protected. Not exposed to Covid-19.

That’s on him.

I suspect there was nefarious intent behind his decision.



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Early on I thought there might be a chance the country could pull together for the worst crisis since WWII.
I was so wrong.
There’s a popular pro-Trump website I occasionally look at whose participants are calling for the arrest and execution of Drs. Fauci and Birx.

There is extremism on both sides.

I’m with you in my disappointment that we couldn’t pull together as a country.

I don’t know what it would take for that to happen ever again.

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I don’t know - the above is a description of the online and political world.

But in my little piece of the world, I’m seeing more neighborliness, better workplace collaboration, and creativity.

The availability heuristic colors our perceptions…


:roll_eyes:This is extreme radicalism and the radical pendulum swings both ways. :roll_eyes:

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That isn’t very nice.

I still like both of them.

The only problem now is that states are having trouble recognizing a flattened curve and trusting the people that elected them.


They are nuts. Both sides have em’


I just don’t see how one day he says we must protect the elderly, knowing they are the most likely to die from the disease, & the very next day ORDER that nursing homes MUST accept C-19 infected people.

What did he think would happen? If his mother was there, would he have done it? I bet not.

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That would be great except for the fact that the left has a track record that is not conducive to allowing oneself to compromise with them. Their idea of getting along to them is to cave. They are divisive & deceitful, ends justifies the means. They can’t get compromised with, they can only be defeated.

The reason I feel this way is their reaction to losing elections every single time. When Bush Jr. won all the “W” keys on every computer was removed in the white house. “Selected not elected”. Almost every thing said about Trump by them they said of Reagan.

As soon as Trump won a plot was launched to undermine, usurp, & overthrow the election, including false charges after false charges, ruining the lives of innocent people, lying repeatedly on national TV & in congress, knowingly filing false charges & getting eavesdropping warrants & investigations with several federal law enforcement agencies based on false evidence, & the insane impeachment, & still they are making the same false charges after proof comes out. They are convinced they must change our country into a socialist hole at any cost.

There was a time I didn’t think this was so, I see every day though how they are. I don’t see them changing. I do see them doubling down on hatred, propaganda, lies, & see them as extreme danger to all I hold dear. Their goal is domination, not liberty. Control freaks.

Friends of mine some from way back are no longer as soon as they found out I voted for Trump. I have never dumped a friend over their opinion.

The left is a greater danger than any outside enemy. Look at how they have acted during this shutdown! Throwing people in jail who just want to make a living…

Always have. Always will.

The balance? Well, that is another matter.

I believe one day the left will defeat us.

I hope not, but to be realistic, they have education from day one, most of the media, & most of the government employees. They never give up, never compromise, never quit, & are so arrogant they think they know how best to run our lives than we do. Nothing is off limits, the ends justifies the means.

Eventually they will win. I think they know it. I hope not, but I see them pulling the country farther left every year & once they reach one of their goals it never goes back, never returns. Just look at what they accomplished over the last decade. None of it has been pushed back.

The make normal weird & weird normal. Evil is good & good is evil. The world the left creates is always ugly & ends in poverty of spirit, economic poverty, & to survive or have a job one must not hold an opinion contrary to political correctness. Just keep your head down & mouth shut.

Cuomo pretty much signed those people’s death warrants.

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Maybe Booby DeNiro can creatively explain why during the portrayal of Cuomo in the film he (DeNiro) has said he would like to do.

They will. And it will have to be torn down and rebuilt.