Why Democrats Are So Obsess About Confiscate Things?

The Democrats want to confiscate guns.
The Democrats want to confiscate cars.
The Democrats want to confiscate plastic straws.

Why would anyone wants to vote for these morons?

Because they believe the government knows best, at least until the government turns Republican then not so much.


And thy want to confiscate that steak…

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife…

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Freedom is so last century. They know much more what is good for us than we do.

This post is so 2008-16. Ah, good times, the endless precipice of tyranny. Yawn.


Who banned bump stocks?

Who banned assault rifles in his state as governor?

What were the parties of the former presidents in the early 90s who signed a letter calling for assault weapons bans?

What have Democrats done to confiscate your guns when they held the presidency and both houses of congress?


Well no, they just want to do a little better job of taking care of the earth by not being so wasteful. THE HORROR

Pretty asinine broadbrushing thread.


“I hereby order…”


That dog don’t hunt.


Of course it does, just look at what the 2020 Democratic candidates are running on.

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… And many of them want to confiscate you children’s natural gender and redirect them towards choosing a different one.

Just what the forum needs - another thread on gun control.

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You will not be able to cite a single person in the Democratic Party or among LGBTQ activists who support the position you have invented here.

Allowing people to become their gender as they experience is enabling freedom rather than forcing those people to conform to the way you or others wish the world to be.

Why run against a fantasy version fo the Democrats by inventing all sorts of scary things that the Democrats allegedly intend? Are you concerned that running against actual Democratic proposals is a losing position?


I’ve been seeing a lot of NRA ads lately

Both parties want to change the way people behave. If I were to engage in broad brushing, I would propose that Republicans want to confiscate women’s uteruses but we don’t engage in broad brushing here.

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All three are false. But you should look into why there is a concern about our waste and what it does to other life on the planet. Including plastic straws.

I mean, if you care about other life on the planet.

And let’s not forget who signed the bill banning open carry in California because scary black people.

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You forgot free healthcare for anyone in the world who can cross the border illegally.

Are you saying Democrats want to confiscate the border?

After all the Democrats are trying to confiscate the damage Alabama sustained from Hurricane Dorian!