Why aren't countries without the burdens of White Privilege and Systemic Racism flourishing?

You guys really have no idea what you guys sound like

All legal American citizens who are non felons have the the OPPORTUNITY to buy a gun.

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Have you ever explained how minority voters can buy beer since IDs are so onerous to have?

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What’s the point of telling you the answer to a question which you already know the answer to?

The other stuff aside, the root cause of American white supremacy, which is neither uniform nor evenly distributed, is British colonial policy. As this has never been addressed, and was made worse by the failure to utterly obliterate the Confederacy and its slavery-treasonists, the affliction has slowly spread outward as the Lost Cause, States-Rights, an apocalyptic gun-fetishizing sectarianism, backstab myths and garbage theologies and cargo cults like the sovereign citizens movements and Trumpian fascism.

Should have hung every Confederate officer, officeholder, foreman, plantation owner and slave patroler by the neck until dead. And then dumped their treasonous corpses into the Gulf of Mexico to feed the fishes. Should have done the same for every Copperhead and Kansas Border Ruffian, too.


It’s where many students in the Dover public schools are from.

Nice deflection.

Did I mention voter IDs in the three questions above?

PS I haven’t been carded in forever when buying beer.

Doesn’t answer the question in the OP.

Not true.

Do you know that we’re no dissenting votes on the nomination of Scalia, Kennedy or O’Connor nominated by Reagan.

That exact date of extreme partisanship began when Scalia died and the republicans refused to consider Garland.


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I don’t know the answer to the question.

If you’re going to make a claim…shouldn’t you back it up?

Your saying that you either are unaware of what’s happening at the border or don’t know where the people are coming from or why they are coming?

Most were born here in the United States.

Could you be more clear?


Didn’t say most. Are you saying that Dover doesn’t get many students from Central America?

Sure it does. Italy is filled with racists, but they don’t have as foundational to everything British colonial policy and British-created race divisions.

When Italians (as Italians) did civil war, it was over economic systems and the abolition of aristocracy, not over whether God was cool with buying and selling people, who, being slaves, were therefore not persons, and not of the same order or value.

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You can still dig them up and burn what remains are left. Or you could do what all non-western countries do and get on with your life and realize the past is the past which no one as of yet has invented a way to go back and change what happened.

This shame game is purely on one side and only in certain western countries the majority of the world doesn’t want any part of it. Go and lectureTurkey on Armenian genocide and see what happens.


Excellent post. Like obsessing over the past really helps. That’s why I mentioned “decade after decade” in the OP.

If you are talking about the Georgia law your statement is an absolute lie.

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That’s missing the point for its obviousness.

Central America doesn’t have systemic racism? What have you read about the history of this region?

They use the same rationale as yours to justify or dismiss it?

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No it isn’t.