Why aren't countries without the burdens of White Privilege and Systemic Racism flourishing?

According to many the root cause of most of America’s problems lie in these two areas. But there’s plenty of countries in which the people of those countries don’t suffer from this burden, but their countries are in awful shape decade after decade. How is it decade after decade there doesn’t seem to be any improvement in many of these countries especially when you consider that the people are not held back by White Privilege and Systemic Racism and on top of that have received billions of dollars in foreign aid over that time as well?

Can we a list of countries without majority privilege. Thanks in advance

  1. Can you let us know to which countries you are specifically referring?
  2. What metrics are you using to determine that they are in “awful shape” “decade after decade”?
  3. Can you think of some holes in the logic you are using here?

Thanks in advance.

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This kind of crap is coming only from the left. America is flourishing despite their racist rhetoric and class warfare.


United Fruit would like a word.


Presidents for life and political elites who look to the likes of Robespierre, Marx, Lenin, Stalin etc for inspiration comes to mind as a common cause.

South and North Korea comes to mind as an extreme contrast.

Reminds me of a joke about the USSR.

One day Secretary General Brezhnev was taking a train to Minsk.

Half way there the train broke down. The chief engineer contacted the ranking rail official on the train and suggested that they send someone up the line to have a new engine sent back.

The official then suggested to the chief political officer on the train to review the chief engineer’s records for incompetence or sabotage as to why the train had stopped.

The political officer then suggested to a senior Army General accompanying Brezhnev that the rail official be investigated for corruption and middle classes views against workers as to why the train had stopped.

The General then suggested to Brezhnev that civilian operations of the rail lines had led to their decay to the point that they could no longer reliably operate and suggested turning them over to the military.

Comrade Brezhnev set down his tea and, glancing out the window at a row of factories that had been shuttered, closed the curtains and informed the general that the train was still moving, but to radio for a helicopter to help him get to Minsk faster and please tell the engineer to stop the train when it arrives.

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Exactly. Name them, EK Then we can discuss.


If only they had our first world problems. Then they’d know real hardship.


Flourishing? We are a sharply divided nation.

Can a country be flourishing and divided at the same time?

I don’t think so.

The red states all say they where screwed and are enacting laws that create voter suppression.

That ain’t flourishing.

Not even close.


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Not true. No one is suppressing votes. All legal American citizens who are eligible registered voters have the opportunity to vote.

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You’ve been listening to Weird Al music.

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Not lately, but it was the first thought to come to mind. lol

Keep in mind that trying to make it harder for Democrats to steal elections is what constitutes voter suppression now.

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[quote=“Rodeo, post:10, topic:238822”]
Not true. No one is suppressing votes. All legal American citizens who are eligible registered voters have the opportunity to vote.

And are denied food and water by outsiders while waiting hours on line.


Didn’t steal it the last time. That’s an urban myth kept alive by sore losers.

The reason the republican president lost, had nothing to do with stealing but people actually voting against him.

The republicans didn’t like it and have now changed the law to prevent democrats winning.


Sustaining the Steal, huh?

Isn’t it obvious given the current border situation?

Please explain how not allowing water to be passed out to people working the polls for a candidate contributes to our election security.

Please explain how reducing the time for early voting contributes to our election security.

Please explain how centralizing the power to determine how elections are run, how voters are disqualified, etc to a small team controlled by a partisan legislature contributes to election security.

Take your time…I’ll wait.

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The sharp partisan divide has always been there. I believe it is worse now following Obama’s presidency. I place that blame squarely with the DEMs and their toxic rhetoric.

Is America flourishing???

Of course it is.

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You made the post.

You tell me.