Why aren't countries without the burdens of White Privilege and Systemic Racism flourishing?

Last year, I think, I was reading about the Spanish conquest of the Maya, which took over 200 years of sustained and intermittent warfare before they were finally subdued.

Yes it is. I believe the figure I heard the Governor us in an interview this morning was within 150 feet…no electioneering can be done. I can’t walk up and hand you a trump water bottle. People are welcome to bring their own food or drink and officials working the election can provide beverages as long as they are not promoting a candidate.

The state Biggestal made that you are supporting is a lie being pushed by the left. Period.

No it’s a lie being propagated by left wing media…Aka credibility challenged liars…but the statement is simply not true.

Which makes me wonder what else those frauds have been lying about.

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Because central America would have been in such great shape if we hadn’t bought their bananas.

Yeah that’s what happened!

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Couldn’t find much on it? Are you claiming that those countries are not overwhelming Hispanic? So that’s why the people are leaving those countries and coming to the United States?

No legal votes are being suppressed but the dems want and need the illegal votes to ensure they “win”.

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Read the statute. That’s all I have to say.

What do you think this means in the context of the white descendants of spanish speaking conquistadors and colonial officials that exist at the top of the regional power structure (longer than the United States has been in existence) to mixed race people, the descendants of African slaves, and dozens of indigenous (Native American) ethnic groups that were used as forced labor to enrich European nations for hundreds of years and still experience grinding poverty and discrimination to this day?
Do you think White people from these countries are moving here, or is it the indigenous people that are crossing the border?
I’m amazed you couldn’t find anything - nothing at all.

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You think the bananas, owned by a corporation that paid terrorist organizations to force farmers into exclusive business contracts and murder striking workers, belonged to Central America? lol

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Dulles/Dole. The House the Dollar Built. Great guys, taking the OSS, which Rosy wanted to sunset, turning it instead into a permanent rape-kill coup outfit.

You really don’t know anything about that.

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United Undeveloped Jungle

That is exactly what happened. It’s probably too late now, but you would have tough luck finding anybody who actually worked for United Fruit to say a bad word about it.

Good Lord.

Helluva myth.

Long dead European colonists as well.

So did I…you are wrong.

I totally agree.
Lincoln gave them bitches a pass. What really should piss black folks off about Lincoln, his punk ass didn’t even want us here either. Black folks didn’t get free out of the kindness of his heart, all he cared about was saving the Union. He really wanted to solve the so-called negro problem by shipping all us off to either Liberia or Haiti.

Even after Lincoln’s death racists democrat Andrew Johnson along side northern republicans continued to give former confederates a pass instead of snuffing all them treasonous bitches out. Reconstruction saw some great progress in which black men were able to vote, hold office and own property. Unfortunately that remnant of the confederacy stayed resistant and tried to take away voting rights(sounds familiar), property along with doing whatever it took to keep free black men and women from making a living.

The final betrayal towards African Americans came at the hands of northern led republicans with the Hayes/Tilden Compromise. It has been a white supremacist bi-partisan ■■■■ show ever since.

Anyway, I’m on a tangent. Bottomline I agree, they should have dealt with those traitors by executing them all.


Are you new to this. Have you heard of a guy named Bob Bork and did you hear about the speech of Ted Kennedy about Bob Bork. And about Clarence Thomas, because he didn’t fit into the category that Black People should think? Oh, yea, it was Democrats who started this well more than 30 years ago. Some more recent attempts Senate Democrats did before the Garland issue arose:

Another thing, Democrats claim to love minorities but only the right type of minorities, the liberal ones that tow the far left liberal line. Since you are not aware of the Clarence Thomas, Bob Bork things because you thought partisanship began when Obama nominated Garland a little closer to the time is Miguel Estrada, way back when there was a George W Bush President, maybe that was before your time, he was the wrong kind of Hiapsnic Bush nominated him to a lower court, how did the Democrats deal with him? No filibuster?

The Senate only had 55 votes to end the filibuster, but it requires 60 votes to end one. If the Democrats had allowed a full vote, the nominee would have had enough Senate votes to reach confirmation. After all, Clarence Thomas only got 52 votes for his confirmation. Finally, because of fierce opposition by Democratic senators – including the lengthy, seven-month filibuster staged as a procedure-delaying tactic to deny a full Senate confirmation vote – the nominee withdrew in 2003. “This should serve as a wake-up call to the White House that it cannot simply expect the Senate to rubber-stamp judicial nominees,” said Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.

The nominee was Miguel Estrada.

Then-President George W. Bush, in 2001, nominated him to the prestigious U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Had Estrada secured the nomination – and had Republicans retained the White House in 2008 – many would have placed Estrada on the list of possible future Supreme Court justices. He, not Sotomayor, could have become that court’s first Hispanic justice. Instead, the “minority-sensitive” Democrats treated him like a child molester. One staff strategy memo sent to Sen. Durbin in 2001 – when the Democrats ran the Senate Judiciary Committee – called Estrada "especially dangerous, because he has a minimal paper trail, he is Latino (emphasis added), and the White House seems to be grooming him for a Supreme Court appointment."

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., days before chairing a Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearing on Miguel Estrada, told the liberal magazine The Nation: “(Estrada) is like a Stealth missile – with a nose cone – coming out of the right wing’s deepest silo (emphasis added).” When, however, President Barack Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor, Schumer regained his “compassion” for minorities: “(Republicans) oppose her at their peril.”

How dare he nominate a guy to the lower Court he doesn’t think like AOC!! So yes it was Democrats who fought against & filibustered plenty well before Garland…


You think there’s racial harmony in Latin America?

Or that there aren’t other root causes of issues in countries?

Or that anyone has stated if any racial issues and inequities we have in America go away, then nirvana and bliss will result?

This was essentially my third question, where I asked you about the holes in your logic.