Why are you NOT voting for Trump? (This thread complements the similarly named thread.)

The premise here is simple.

If you are NOT voting for Trump, why are you doing so???

The premise makes NO assumption as to who you are voting for or if you intend to abstain from voting. You could be voting Democratic, Constitution, Libertarian, Green, Socialism & Liberation, etc.

The only premise is that you are NOT voting for Trump.

To keep things somewhat neutral, I will NOT express an opinion in the OP, but will wait to a later post.

he has not earned my vote. nothing he has said, done, or promised within the last 3.5 years have done anything to make me believe he deserve my vote.


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Because: corrupt, gropey grifter pals of child traffickers, who are also mobbed up cheaters, stump stupid and deeply incurious, inept, and daughter-objectifying sociopaths belong on dirty couches in dirty track suits, ranting at the stars, somewhere in Long Island.

Not in the Oval Office.


He does not have the work ethic to be entrusted with the responsibilities of the Executive.


He is a man of low moral character his only drive is to benefit himself at the expense of anyone.


David Sedaris said it best. Imagine you are in an airplane and the flight attendant offers you a choice of two meals. One is a salad with chicken on it and the other is a steaming bowl of excrement with shards of glass in it.

You don’t ask how the chicken is prepared.


I’ve known about trump since the 80’s and I realized early on that he was a grifter and possibly a criminal.


He’s a grifter who’s malignant sociopathy is only rivaled in volume to his overwhelming stupidity. Though it is fantastically hilarious theater to see his grandiose sense of self-worth constantly clash with his gibbering buffoonery.


I don’t agree with nearly any of his policies. I disagree with his supreme court choices. He’s a narcissist who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He’s an awful human being. I wouldn’t be able to look my two young daughters in the eye and justify a vote for that man.


I read that he’s bad. And I believed it.

He makes no effort to learn or improve. His total ignorance of basic aspects of how government works, how the economy works, what’s in the constitution, our relations with other countries(be they allies or adversaries), how health care works, defense, intelligence, tariffs, the courts, congress, the role of his own position. He is woefully ignorant about all of these. This is why I could never vote for him.

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Trump and his elitist snob family have suckered Americans for their own personal gain.

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  • Handling of COVID-19 pandemic here in the United States
  • lack of empathy and saying it is what it is about the deaths
  • 20k+ lies because he knows some Americans are stupid enough to believe him.
  • policies that actually hurt middle class
  • continuing the failed concept of trickle down economics.
  • hurt the heartland of America with his tariffs
  • he’s a threat to National Security.
  • not wanting to piss off white supremacist, neo-nazis and Qanon wackos by calling them out and dismissing them because his punk ass is scared of losing their support.
  • his support for the racist traitors of the confederacy, their punk ass flag along with their monuments.
  • trying to dismantle the ACA and instead of actually fixing it
  • no health reform plan
  • no black agenda and not reaching out to the black community. Just talking to those black folks who like you doesn’t count.
  • too much of a coward to actually meet and dialogue with black folks who don’t agree with him, like the NAACP, Urban league, etc.
  • cutting programs that actually help the least of these
  • appointing Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education
  • his anti-science rhetoric
  • his anti-intellectualism rhetoric
  • his laziness and not taking his job seriously
  • Lying to the Christian community about being pro-life
  • lacks a moral compass
  • lacks family values
  • he’s a criminal and a fraud
  • only cares about himself, his self-image and his money

I can go on and on because the list is long…
At the end of the day an overall terrible person who I want, in the words of George Will, “Out of public life”.

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Because America has had its tantrum and now needs a nap.


Let’s see I disagree with trump on

  1. Immigration policy (which of course includes wall funding)
  2. His SCOTUS picks (really two ivy leaguers)
  3. Travel ban
  4. His federal land policy
  5. His pro life stance.
  6. His tax cuts
  7. His wanting to repeal Obamacare.

Just about every meaningful policy, I disagree with him on.


Everyone else has already expressed it far better than I could. Well done.

The man is a idiot. At most he has a minimal knowledge of what is going on in the world. And he has shown no effort to learn. He shows over and over a lack of knowledge of the Constitution and how government works. I believe that many of his policies are based on what he hears on a cable news outlet. And I am really tired of his supporters say that it is not about his character but what he gets done. BS. It should be about his character. I realized many years ago that he was a con man. He will lie or say whatever makes the audience at the time happy. And he has ruined the GOP. A once proud party that stood for family values and law and order is now the party of a grifter con man.


Because of his personality and my vote means something.