Why are we STILL so far behind?


The country was testing people for the virus at the fastest pace in the world, which appears to have allowed early detection of cases, keeping its mortality rate lower than average.

Every epidemiologist has been stressing for weeks that the top priority is testing. Even now. This is still the greatest nation on earth, with an ability to recognize urgent need, and respond with unparalleled talent and resources. Yet widespread testing is still not happening. Because one man wasn’t listening to the experts, and had other priorities in mind.

The second bolded part is no longer true.

Show me someone who believes in and trusts…“self quarantining”…and I’ll show you an idiot.

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Just because they are not brought to bear on the problem because of incompetent, self-serving leadership, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

They absolutely exist, scads of them. The govt. is no longer capable of setting things in motion quickly.

Got a better idea that is lawful?

We are doing quite well compared to other countries it seems. The usual suspects are going to say buhhhhhh Trump…as they always do. :roll_eyes:


You really should read the article before commenting.

Wait you think self isolation is a bad idea or that people won’t self quarantine

There are way too many ignorant, narcissistic people among us who have proven they aren’t worthy of this trust and responsibility.


Ah ok. Phew lol

I’m already practicing the first…just waiting for my 5:00 cleansing. :tumbler_glass: :sunglasses:

If Trump exercised some leadership and commanded that people self quarantine suddenly his supporters would be all about it and not think it’s a joke.


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Unsure why all the talk here about self-quarantine. The article, among many, makes it clear that the countries with the most success have prioritized testing, identifying clusters, and focusing care efforts where they are. Self-quarantine is a great idea, and in a free country, the only option for large numbers of people. Our government‘s best option is testing and follow up, and we seem to be lagging badly.

Yeah small fry…let’s keep thinking small and keep making this political.


The “self quarantining” I’m referring to is if…you test positive?

OK then… what is thinking large?

One is…let’s stop the bull feces rhetoric of division. Let’s start there.


The testing is to determine who needs to be isolated from the public by self quarantining.