Why are we holding political prisoners in the United States?

The Biden administration is keeping over six hundred people in jail for nearly 8 months on charges such as disorderly conduct and trespassing. For entering the capitol on Jan 6. Have you ever heard of a trespasser being held in prison for 8 months without trial? No you have not. Because they are political prisoners. It’s time to put up or shut up. Charge them with a real crime or release them. This is not the Soviet Union.

International Day of the Disappeared: Gateway Pundit Announces Upcoming Launch of Jan. 6th Prisoner Information Website – AmericanGULAG.org (thegatewaypundit.com)


Wow… that dumb Gulag website that Hoft set up is seriously a look into an alternate reality.

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Seriously… one can click through a bunch of the cases of the “political prisoners” and see that they are awaiting trial on personal recognizance.

But… my guess is that they are thinking that no one would do that… or understand what personal recognizance means in the first place.

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Which part is not ACTUAL reality? Either they have been held for 8 months on minor charges or they have not. Which is it?

Who is being held?

I see a ton of people who are categorized as “political prisoners” who are released on their own personal recognizance.

yep… what an insult to those who have actually disappeared.


This guy was caught on video assaulting law enforcement.

is he a “political prisoner”?

Why are you asking me this? I linked the article.

Pay attention. Lock in if you can. I mentioned people who were charged WITH MINOR offenses. I spelled it out so a third grader could grasp it. Yet it still evaded you. Why?

Yeah… i am looking at the American Gulag website… person after person…comes up either released or on personal recognizance.

So far found one guy who is being held because they have video of him attacking law enforcement.

Are we to believe that he should be considered a “political prisoner”?

They have not. With the exception of some individuals held on more serious charges such as assault and battery, the vast majority of individuals arrested on Jan. 6th have been release on bail or on their own recognizance.

Guess this thread is over.

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I am looking at Hoft’s own site. It is named “American Gulag” and under “Political Prisoner Updates” there is the update for Devlyn Thompson who was caught on video assaulting law enforcement.

So am I to believe that Mr. Thompson is a “political prisoner”?

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This “political prisoner” has been “released with conditions”

Is he still a prisoner?

I also enjoy the news blasting that Infowars host Owen Shroyer was picked up on a misdemeanor as some travesty of justice when the reason he was picked up was because he violated a Deffered Prosecution Agreement that he agreed to back in Feb 2020 that had the stipulation that he would not

What a dum dum.

What does your article say? I didn’t read it.

Would that include doing a little bit of basic research before outraged over garbage that can be debunked in less than a minute?

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It is the website that is part of the OP.

You didn’t take the time to look it over before posting?


Pretty stupid thread. Political Prisoners, at the least, should actually be imprisoned. Sort of in the name.


It’s not going away… it seems to be popular to pretend that they are actual “prisoners” in some segments of the right.

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I have read a couple of articles about some of the trials where the defendant has been jailed. In some of those cases the Judge asked questions to see if the persons were eligible for release. In a couple of cases their responses were of such a nature that both Judges felt that both persons were enough of a threat to keep them in jail.

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