Why are Some Conservatives are So Uptight About IVF?

I don’t know why some conservatives are so uptight about couples using IVF or artificial insemination to have children.

If some conservatives believe that every couple should have children, they would be outrage over the stupid ruling in Alabama.

I’m not sure why anyone would be outraged over using someone IVF either. :man_shrugging:

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you can find “conservatives” uptight about anything anywhere.

almost as easy as finding leftists uptight about law and order, openness, fairness, progress….


I don’t think anyone has any issues with someone using IVF to conceive.

There is some controversy in the pro-Life community with how excess embryos are handled though.

And IVF can be done without those issues.

You’re absolutely right. Thus the premise of the thread is dishonest.


Ya know I could ask why are libs so up tight about AR-15s?


I could care less about this.

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Then how come some clinics in Alabama are pausing IVF treatment?

How is it dishonest?

You’ll have to ask them, I guess. :man_shrugging:

I’m sure you already read the quote I was replying to.

Because of fear of the unknown.

Same reason people freak out when there is any change whatsoever.

And while I don’t have a dog in this fight, the law sounds like it only requires parties to adhere to what is basically the German model of embryo handling. You can do it, but don’t implant more than is absolutely required.

It’s as if we have the technology. :man_shrugging:

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You all see what’s happening here?


I think so, Brain; but, if Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why does he do it???


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Who on earth believes that?!

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The IVF process.

Hormone treatments for the female. About $12,000 and 30 days worth of daily injections to get 1-6 eggs.

Guys part is easy and requires no description.

Eggs implanted 3 at a time into female when time is right. 3 eggs are used because each egg has about a 50/50 shot in a healthy womb. A woman that struggles to get pregnant will be lower. Implantation costs about $3,000.

You could end up with 3 kids, or zero. But odds are on the 0-1 side and not on the 2-3 side but they do happen.

So what implementing does for this literal “clump of cells” does is:

If you harvest 6 eggs, you’ll only want to fertilize 3 because that’s all that’s safe to implant, the other 3 could be frozen unfertilized…… but if the first 3 don’t take, the second batch of three are much less likely to fertilize after cryogenic freezing.

So now do you implant one or two eggs for an additional $3,000 with a low chance of success. Or do you shell out $12,000 + $3,000 more to go through the harvest process a second time to get you up to 3 fertilized eggs to implant so you have the best chance of success?

All of this to save something that hasn’t developed into anything yet. It’s still inside the egg wall because it hasn’t been implanted into a female yet.

It makes the process less successful, and more expensive for people who have already been emotionally mule kicked by infertility.

I spent 2 years of my early married life in a desert saving up my combat pay so we could go through this process 2x. 2 years and $30,000+ for a grand total of 7 fertilized embryos that all failed. And now the virtuous white horses among us want to lower those odds and make it more expensive.

That white horse is really a mule and you can fertilize it yourself.


A some point, these silly people thought that they ever became anything other than “clumps of cells”. :rofl: