Why are ships backed up off the coast of California?

Going for next day shipping on December 23 for a Christmas gift is not a good idea. That is not the president’s fault.

What frequently happens in situations like we see off of California is that a second constraint only becomes apparent after you remove the first.

Suspending the EPA rule that is banning half of the trucks from the California ports is the obvious first step that should give an immediate improvement, but it probably will not solve all the supply-chain problems.

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They are over, have been for about 6 weeks.

If unemployment ended, and people still aren’t going back to work becuase they think they deserve more money, how are they paying their bills? :thinking:


Well, in any case the Dems control the state, Congress and presidency…and a “buck stops here” kind of guy like we all know Biden to be means he won’t shirk his responsibility (place picture of Biden turning his back here).

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employment doesnt change that quickly ever and you know it

Right, he is not

The White House said Wednesday that the Biden administration has helped broker an agreement for the Port of Los Angeles to become a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week operation, part of an effort to relieve supply chain bottlenecks and move stranded container ships that are driving prices higher for U.S. consumers.

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Wait so all these people KNEW when the government cheese was ending and decided to not find employment before that?

Nobody has bills due for 6 weeks?

Let us hope it is indeed a game changer.

I hope, been trying to get my hands on a new motorcycle model and being on a wait list due to port issues sucks!

has nothing to do with what i said

This was not due to people ordering on 12/23. I know it’s fun to play gotcha, but there are externalities which are beyond the control of any one man or governmental entity.

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and record online shopping this holiday season, shipping software developer Ship Matrix said more than 2 million packages a day got delayed. Dozens of WMC Action News 5 viewers expressed their shipping struggles on social media:

Jamie said: “I’m still waiting on a package I ordered at the end of November.”

Rex said he’s “had a delivery stuck in Raleigh since December 22nd.”

And Dave said: “I’ve had two packages in Memphis since December 13th and I’ve gotten two emails about COVID from the USPS.”

Exactly! When the government competes with capitalism using money printed on a press, to be paid for by babies that haven’t been born yet vs the revenue generated by productivity…these are the results. Glad this didn’t go over your head.


Immiseration to create dependence to create control.

And what will happen then?

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:rofl: A port was operating 9 to 5?

Are there any US ports that operate 24x7?

Then the problem would move to a log jam at the Panama canal.

(And TIL if you quote a post in your reply you get to see the filtered word!)

Are there any that don’t?

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They won’t fit. Have to go around.

I’ve looked into the major ports in Texas, Georgia and New York, they all seem to operate Mon -Fri and close between 5 and 6.

Looking further, it seems like it’s been a complaint for like a year now, how Asian ports are open 24x7 but US ports are not.