Why are ships backed up off the coast of California?

Damn, a massive conspiracy involving Biden and the LA and Long Beach ports! Even though the problem is a truck shortage, both ports are going to go to working 24/7 and hope no one notices the containers backing up on the docks because there is not trucks to move them.


Paying people to stay home and not work should help.
—- ——. Brandon!


arent they precious?


No, it’s Biden’s fault that workers don’t want to work for ■■■■ wages by a private company

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Unemployment bennies ended.

Well, don’t worry. Calif regulations will also prevent most Califs from having bacon and other pork products starting Jan 1.

The place is a latrine already. Califs are doing their best to destroy what’s left of it.

I just wish the rest of us didn’t have to pay a price for their stupidity.


Only just…with plans of Democrats to extend it further, as mentioned in a previous post.


6 weeks ago. Plenty of time for those moochers to go back to work… yet….


It’s infinitely better than whatever state you live in.


yet… a huge labor shortage

please explain

without a half-dozen serial emotes, if you can

I can’t keep track of all these wacky theories. I read somewhere else that this is a manufactured crisis to crash the economy and then…uh, well, I don’t know how that would benefit whoever is intentionally crashing the economy, but somehow it will supposedly.

It’s definitely not because of the unemployment bennies. Maybe companies need to pay more to get workers.

Are conservatives against putting more money in the pocket of the middle class?

Trump was able to fix problems like this and make it look easy. Biden is clueless.


how do you know?

you mean you don’t know?

Yeah, no

where did i say “it’s lack of workers?”

Ah, you didn’t, I misinterpreted your post. You were talking about a lack of workers in general, not specifically about the port situation. I will delete my post.

And … are you suggesting the problem can’t be a combination of factors?

I’d say it’s not a matter of just those two, never mind only one.

not a big deal don’t worry about it

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