Why are Democrats erasing homosexuals?

Apparently, caring about genitals is bigoted. Current left thought is that only personal gender matters. Hence lesbian only festivals are transphobic for not inviting trans. Real thing, look it up.

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Democrats should mutilate themselves if they like it so well and leave everybody else alone.

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They will get around to that after they vacate their positions of power to minorities aka never

Forget who it was, but they suggested the ivories only admit poor minorities, it was brilliant. Imagine the squeals from Conecticut.

right on. and not expect everyone else to promote or celebrate it along with them either

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Apparently the theory is, if you care about someone’s physical gender you are now a bigot. If you don’t want to have sex with Caitlin Jenner, your are a bigot. You aren’t gay, just misgendered. Gay people erased.

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most of any position the looney left takes is always going to be self-contradictory because theres no logic behind their positions. only madness


Fracturing their dicey coalition, good.

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they don’t care. they just yell louder. or stretch their social movement awareness campaigns into larger fractions of the year

or destroy society over it like the loser psychos in the northwest calling themselves anti-fascist

they should just call themselves “the peaceful benevolent saintly protest bunch” it’d be just about as ridiculous

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Here’s a reaction to that idea:


I’d love to see Kamala Harris defend this on the national stage against Ron Desantis in a debate. This could be the one thing that causes the Dems to lose in a historic fashion.

Hegemony applies to party culture as well.

Uh why didn’t you just provide the link to support your OP? I have no idea what you are talking about.


:laughing::laughing: lol

He’s totally gone off the deep end. He’s now full anti-gay.

Yeah. I saw that. His new marks seem to be Conservative Catholics.

Didn’t see that coming.

The entire left is anti gay now. Current viewpoint is that you shouldn’t judge people by their genitals. There are no more lesbians, only nine lesbian bars in the whole country, because the new rage is non binary. Lesbian group holding a festival caught major flak for not inviting trans women. They just wanted to hook up in the woods and were told it was bigoted not to invite people with penises. That’s exclusionary now. And you are a TERF if you say otherwise.

I would counter that the Left is not anti-gay … parts of the Left are beyond gay. Just gay is somewhat passé. It is yesterday’s news. Gay isn’t gay enough … but it’s still gay and it’s still a focal point for much Leftwing advocacy in our society.


It is adorable how desperately you’re trying to position trans women and lesbians as opponents.

What are you talking about? Are you talking about Michfest?

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There’s bound to be internal conflicts when every group associated with the left is comprised of angry bitter jealous radicals.