Why are Democrats accelerating the collapse of cities they control?

The culture of Texas has nothing to do with the fact that there might be less competition for a certain job, or more space to put down a cheap home. There’s no reason to adopt that culture if you’re just interested in the resources.

It should for NYC.

Actually it has everything to do with it.

Which means, if you look at CNN for something, you’re watching “international news”. :wink:

No it doesn’t. I’ve made 5 moves in my lifetime from one state to another and the culture of where I was moving to was never, ever a factor in my decision

Culture creates the operating environment.

Where did you get movies from?

What are you talking about?

I misread your post.

Culture had everything to do with your moves, it’s the reason the opportunity was there.

No. It really didn’t. Culture had absolutely nothing to do with why the jobs existed where I moved to

Of course it did, that’s small thinking. Maybe you don’t know what culture means.

You couldn’t be more wrong

Do we have to have jail to make us do the right thing?

No it didnt. The reasons the jobs were there was entirely dependent on the region’s geography. Culture had nothing to do with it

Not true. Geography doesn’t issue permits.

Totally true. Ski towns exist and employ workers because of the geography and weather, not the local culture

Funny…A FB friend who is a huge Trumpster posted this “Hey Trump haters… don’t be accepting that money he sends out… remember Not your President!!!” I replied…Oh so now you like socialism.

Its just like the old saying “There are no atheists in foxholes”. Conservatives scream “socialism is evil”! until they need some kind of bail out, then they’re there with their hands out.

Is the culture in those towns that of skiing? Service? Hospitality?

What would have the opportunity have been if the culture was one of untouched nature? No ski lifts marring the view?

Every single ski town is different. The only factor that ever played a factor into my decision was the opportunity itself and the mountains I’d be riding when not working. If culture played into.it even a little I would of never found myself living in the places I did. Especially Salt Lake City

Culture creates the operating environment. Believe what you want.

No. It really is just the mountains with snow on them.