Why are Democrats accelerating the collapse of cities they control?

It occurs to me that what is happening on the biological level re the Communist virus is being replicated in the political realm re communist ideology.

Communist ideology has invaded blue cities like a virus invaded cells. The ideology has taken over the power centre as a virus takes over the cell’s mitochondria. Information with, and regulation of, the cities are converted to producing new communist agents and propaganda, as a virus uses the cell’s resources to replicate itself and its own RNA. The city will eventually collapse and the replicated communists and propaganda exit to invade and infect other communities in the nation, as the replicated viruses escape the collapsed cell and invade and begin to take over other cells in the body.

The Democrats need to win the Electoral college. They cannot do that if their supporters remain in their traditional locations, and they are struggling to win converts from among conservatives. What to do? Make the fortresses of socialism unlivable, but blame the collapse on Trump, so that socialist-minded citizens flee to better run red communities where they will vote against Trump , who they have been programmed to believe destroyed their life in the blue cities, and in this way swing the Electoral college balance toward blue.


Holy wut?


If you want a real discussion… avoid starting off with hyperbole.

See this is why this post is weird.

You are saying this at the same time that both parties are about to approve the biggest “socialist” Bill in US history.

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I have no idea what your point is.

What was hyperbolic in my OP?

lol…someone doesn’t watch international news I see.

Well because their not doing that.

I thought it was the chinese over the fact they were losing the trade war

What is “it”?

There’s no law against libs moving from the areas they’ve crushed and relocate in a conservative area. Hence…look at all the Californians moving to Texas. What I’ll never understand is why…and this is true all over the world…people leave an area because it’s sooooo bad, move to a new host place and then attempt to turn the portion they’ve chosen to reside in, into a small version of the place they left?


I swear some people have here have never been to a city before.

I live in Delhi.

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It amazes to me how many people who buy or rent houses here in South Fl from NY and NJ make it their residence so they don’t have to pay the taxes. Then proceed to vote the same way, for same things and type of people they did from where they came from.


I stopped reading at “communist virus.” Even if someone managed to find a virus with a political persuasion, viruses can’t vote.


Oh for the love of God :man_facepalming:
I didn’t know COVID19 had a political ideology…sigh…you people.

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16 responses in 24 hours. That seems about right for this thread. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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Why does that amaze you? Do you not vote in your own self interests? New Yorkers buy homes there because of the weather, not the political environment

And apparently there’s no law against New Yorkers busting quarantine and running away to other states.

The answer to your question is parasitic behavior.

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I don’t believe any of the shelter at home orders have actual penalties. The one here in California doesn’t

The thing is it is usually the “Conservative” in that Liberal area that moves. But once they move to that Conservative utopia they realize they don’t have access to the things they use to have and then they start changing things.


Jobs. It’s that simple