Why AGI will likely wipe out humanity

Utter nonsense on your part, holy krap. They were conquerers with an empire. Nobility and classes. Slaves. Imposed religion. They built at the crack of a whip. Projecting power was high on the list.

No they weren’t they were the empire unto themselves. There was nobody else to impress until the Spanish showed up. They were conquered by European disease and gun powder.

So anyone think the average person will ever be granted access to AI that is smart enough to ask, please scan current news stories and identify potential government propaganda, or identify possible corruption? No way. Government will have access to AI they can ask to identify any threat to their re-election though for sure.


The are already leveraging AI against us. Like so

Just stop.

The warfare of the Inca civilization was characterised by a high degree of mobility, large-scale engagements of hand-to-hand combat, and the establishment of a network of fortresses to protect an empire of over 10 million subjects. Conquest gave the Incas access to vast new resources and gained prestige for both rulers and those warriors who displayed courage on the battlefield

And? Do you think that makes your point?

That they were conquerers? Abso ■■■■■■■ lutely.

Which means they didn’t have to fancy up their constructions to impress anybody. Just stop for goodness sakes.

AI can do lots of good as well

Unless, of course, that article was written by AI as propaganda…


Wouldn’t that be a twist!?

Utopia or extinction, roll those dice. But that kind of AI is probably much safer, it’s not general intelligence. It’s only trained on medical related data.

Thats what it wants you to think…

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Emperors with godlike powers over millions of people would never do such a thing. :crazy_face:



A lawyer is NY (possibly two) are about to be disciplined for submitting briefs (written by ChatGPT) citing to non-existent cases.

The details are even funnier - but I don’t want to spoil it.

They told it how to learn. It cannot read your mind.

Hell, I can’t even read your mind.

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Yes they can, keep up.

They are also pulling out decent visual data.

I am not sure regulation is going to work. There is no real way to enforce regulations and if a country does not sign up for it what then?

The AI genie is out of the bottle and I expect to see AI developing at a faster rate than we can keep pace with.

At work I am involved in projects where AI will push the relevant information needed by our customer service teams. This will reduce the time it takes to research something, AI will also be used to review the customer information before they even talk to customer service and predict what they are calling for. Early testing has produced some excellent results.

I expect in 5-10 years it will start to impact jobs.