Who's Setting The Agenda For The Democratic Party?


“The development of a true consciousness is still the professional function of the universities.”

Who is actually doing it?

So, the DNC and Hillary were colluding with the Russians when they bought the dossier?

Agenda? Well we know who’s steering the Dims ship toward the shoals.
TA Daaa

Don’t be silly.

Why are they protesting the court? What do they expect to accomplish? Do they think the court will reverse itself if AOC squeals loudly enough?

Every term, a little more power…

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A crying shame!

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The Hate America faction is larger than you make think.

In certain areas anyway.

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They’re both classless pigs. Their clueless constituents will vote for them even though neither does anything to benefit their district’s residents. Both primaries were a joke, who opposed either of them?

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I believe its smaller then you think. I believe many of those you would call the Hate America faction is actually I Have Mixed Feelings About America faction.

Heck I bet even the I Love America faction is actually also part of the I Have Mixed Feelings About America faction too, they just play a game of cognitive dissonance where they pretend all the things they don’t like about America, like the left, or the federal government, aren’t part of the whole that is America.