Who's ready to LOCK HIM UP!

It appears that the justice department has finally decided to take a long hard look at serial leaker James Comey. Will justice finally prevail? Of course not. In America we prefer not to prosecute our corrupt, high ranking government officials. He is free to be leakier than the Titanic without fear of consequence. But who knows, a miracle could happen. I ain’t holding my breath though.

On a related topic. It appears that America hating congresswoman Ilhan Omar is also facing scrutiny from ICE and the DOJ. For Fraud, bigamy and other issues. They need to be very careful with her though. Any attempt to get to the truth will be labeled as racist and Islamophobic.

I’m not expecting much.


Isn’t NYSlime fake news? :joy:

Anywho I personally do not care what happens to Comey. If he leaked, he needs to be punished. I suspect they he didn’t but we shall see.

Should have been locked up long ago.

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Yes they are. So you probably should not believe this story. Your call.

A year from now, he will be enjoying his retirement, still boasting of how great he was.

I want to point out that they leak they’re investigating harmed Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

So once again, y’all are trying to lock up Comey for being too mean to Hillary. Hilarious.

James Comey is a lifelong Republican, but for some reason many Trump supporters don’t seem to grasp that fact.

He was mean to poor innocent Donnie Trump, the most perfect person ever.

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Both his lifelong political affiliation and the Hillary leak are nothing but diversions to keep the sheeple oblivious to his secret liberal agenda. And you both bought it. Baaah baaah baaah

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Do you think there is any chance that he will be held accountable for his leakiness?

So you are already convinced that Comey didn’t leak anything?

Misconstrue much? How in the hell did you get that from my post?

May I ask small favor? There are probably about 4000 Trump bashing threads on this forum. Would you mind not hijacking this topic and turning it into 4001? I’m trying not to bore people too much.

Do you think Comey or Omar should be held accountable?

Easy partner. You ager is not justified. I only ask questions that I don’t know the answer to.

What should be done with serial leaker Comey?

Someone’s always got to be Emmanuel Goldstein.

What should be done with serial leaker Comey?

No. You disingenuously misconstrued my post and tried assigning a position to me that I do not hold.

Oh I dont know. Maybe open up an investigation to determine guilt?

Ok. I disagree. But I’m not going to do the personal jib jab back and forth today. Too much of that crap can ruin your brain. And it gets boring almost immediately. I hope you’re okay with that. So I will ask.

Do you think Comey will face any consequences for his leaking issues?

We have no shortage of investigations. I don’t think we lack at all for investigations. It’s accountability that lacks. Yes?