"Who's paying for the wall?" "WE ARE!"


If Mexico wants to contract the US to build a wall between our countries, I would be fine with that. It would be good for our economy. Just not gonna happen.


How so? How is it a net gain? Do you have an idea of how many trillions of dollars in net gain to our economy it would take to generate $25B into the US Treasury?


That “humanitarian argument” would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous. Not once has trump shown any concern for the well-being of immigrants.


The left would switch back to the humanitarian argument so fast your head would spin if the money fell from the sky to build a wall.


Or anyone not named Trump, for that matter.


2019 lie of the year contrnder


Donald knows his supporters are with him through thick and thin no matter how many times he lies to them.




Then please show me the math or link to one Economist that will support your claim. Thanks.


Wow. He continues to prove that his supporters enjoy being treated like morons.


Forget immigrants - Donald doesn’t have any concern for ANYONE’S well being beyond himself.


Switch back from what?



Trump is a terrorist, terrorizing fellow Americans


What Trump was actually saying: Of course I was always lying about Mexico paying for The Wall! But my supporters don’t care about my lying to them. I think they’re very stupid people, frankly. But they love me!


Let’s all just sit back and appreciate the fact there is a real person named Mercedes Schlapp.


Hasn’t he stuck it to them way more often than sticking it to libs? By my count, anyway.


I don’t think they’re keeping score. They’re counting victories, not defeats.


its easier to count when you can only use 2 hands


Well, I have a new way to look at my NFL team. We were 5-0 this year, yay!!!


Sort of like how Trump claims he worth $10 billion vs the $3.1 billion he’s really worth. Why count debt?