"Who's paying for the wall?" "WE ARE!"


It was a one time payment in cash, trinkets, and Amazon Prime gift cards.


Just another promise kept, Trump negotiated the greatest trade deal in modern history that will easily pay for it.


How is the “trade deal” going to pay for it? Details please. Thanks in advance for your reply.


Where are the pesos?


This is basic economics, it’s a net gain to the United States and it’s citizens no matter how you slice it.


Please school me, how (be specific) is this “greatest trade deal in modern history” going to pay for fat donald’s wall?


Because Trump said so, of course.




Hey, all politicians make campaign promises that they can’t deliver on! This candidate promised to create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners. That candidate promised entitlement reform.

And this other candidate promised we’d all have an endless supply of free ice cream, which would squirt out of magic pink clouds.

None of them pulled their promises off, so all politicians are the same and this is no different!


You can keep your doctor!


So this is the same as that? Yikes. Make America Obummer Again. Sad!


Oh really?


Fake account, I think.


Yeah, and remember what happened when some people didn’t keep their doctors? Obama came out, admitted it, and acknowledged the real problems it caused.

Now, if Obama had said: Look, I never literally meant that every person could keep their doctor, nor did I say that–well, that would be the equivalent of what Trump and his enablers are doing.

■■■■■ Did you just Poe me? Literally the first time in 14 years, if so. :slight_smile:


So…you admire us so much you modeled your behavior on what you perceive our behavior is. Shucks…flatterer.



I’m sure you think this proves your point.


How much have you already donated to that Wall GoFundMe account?


Fearmongering is cool.


As for me, I’m totally fine with that.


I’ve kept MY doctor as has my entire family…I don’t know what YOUR problem is.