WHOOT! It rose 80% today! . . . . . Corporate Deathwatch: Bed Bath and Beyond warns of probable bankruptcy

It’s been a “meme stock” for a few years now.

Bed Bath and Beyond has been running annual losses since at least 2018 (when its total sales were almost twice today’s level.) Here’s a yahoo chart:

The company currently operates about 950 locations and employs 32,000 workers.

Filing for bankruptcy wouldn’t necessarily mean closing all stores, but since the problem is not a new one and the economy is getting worse not better, it’s hard to imagine they just now suddenly discovered a way to become profitable.


They’ve been on the edge for quite a while now

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Swirling the same bowl that sunk Kmart and Sears.

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Right prediction. Wrong failure.

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If only they hadn’t stopped selling poorly-made foam pillows, it could have changed everything.

A lot more than pillows.

Mike Lindell isn’t failing.

That’s right. Cheap foam slippers, too.

There really isn’t much farther for him to fail, at this point.

My Pillow is doing fine.

You forgot to mention those fabulous Giza dream sheets and mattress toppers.

And it will make a fine subsidiary of Dominion in the fairly near future. :smile:

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There you go. A venture that would bring trust and positive cash flow.

The cash just won’t be flowing to Lindell. :smile:

Don’t let me interrupt. Feel free to discuss the my pillow guy.

I just wanted to chime in that with some companies it’s almost fun to point out the trouble they are in.

  • Companies started by an inventor who has no idea how to run a business.
  • 5-10 year old companies that never made any money. (You literally could have made a better profit investing in a kid’s lemonade stand.)
  • etc.

and I don’t consider Bed Bath and Beyond one of those companies. Sure, in hindsight, had they downsized years ago they might have saved the company but in general, companies don’t hire CEOs who think that way. They are basically just a sign of the times.

Anyway. Continue.

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Bed, Bath and Beyond suffers from numerous flaws.

The rise of Wayfair and BB&B’s lack of e-commerce will be the ultimate death blow.

BB&B is on its way out. Past saving. They should start preparing the final liquidation sales now.

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In general, people who think a company has an abysmal future an should make major changes to stay afloat, don’t stay invested in the company. They sell. They get out. So companies don’t hire hatchet-man CEOs until it is too late.

Yes, you are correct. The company suffers from numerous flaws and it has been a meme stock for at lest 2-3 years now.

Sure it will. He makes it work. BB and B is failing because they lack a Mike Lindell.

I find his election challenge pretty outrageous as you do. That takes nothing away from his ability to make a business run. He could end up buying the BB and B bones and making MyPillow stores from them.

Lack of ecommerce and direct access to buyers. Exactly, good point.

They just plain should not have opened one in my town. (not enough year-round population to support it,) but they did, and they are almost adjacent to Walmart

Still, its not a company with a hold-my-beer kind of fail.

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Saw this on my twitter feed

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Bed BAth and Beyond stock rises 80% in 1 day!!

I woulda bet against it.
(I think Americans are betting their retirement funds like a bunch of degenerate gamblers and I think this will not end well.)

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