Who Won the Super Bowl Last Year in the NO FUN LEAGUE?

I’m sure Donald would give you the pat on the head you obviously feel you deserve.

Most networks don’t even bother showing the anthem unless it’s the playoffs/Super Bowl. They are triggered by the mere thought of it happening.

A dozen or so players out of over 1500 league wide protesting offends you so much. Says a lot more about you then them.

I’m glad the Incessant Whining Crew survived the off season. It’s almost time for the regular season kickoff and you ladies can get your panty bunching back into high gear. Now it’s like getting two good shows on one day. Football games. And the American Snowflake Society’s collective hissy fit. My weekends are going to be so enjoyable for the next 5 months.

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  1. The people who did this were players, not outsiders.
  2. They wanted to make a point that they felt people were discussing enough and if that means having to do it at a football game, then so be it.
  3. Football is boring. You watch a boring sport. You should feel like a boring person.

Because you say so? Pffffffffffft!

So…I don’t have the opinion that I no longer care to watch the NFL? Bwahahahahaha!

Naw, they just hate America, like most on the left. The left thinks socialism is better than the Constitution. If you say that they like both, you can’t have both. Socialism is diametrically opposed to the Constitution in almost every way. The Constitution is about the individual rights of Man, that those rights outweigh the majority or the mob. It’s a Constitutional representative Republic, NOT a democracy. That was deliberate. The founders knew no democracy ever lasted long, & always turned into a dictatorship. Socialism, even in it’s kindest form is about the collective, even if the individual loses his rights. Totally & completely incompatible & polar opposites. The institute socialism you must ignore individual rights & the Constitution.

No, it’s that they are starting the game off with demonstrating their hatred of half the country, & insulting me. I don’t like it, & it takes the fun out of it. No fun, no participation from me. Perhaps you enjoy being insulted & paying for a ticket to be insulted. I don’t.

^^^This post brought to you by Kleenex tissues, Nuk pacifiers, and Uncle Bob’s Safe Space rentals. For when your own space just isn’t safe enough there’s Uncle Bob’s. Air conditioned spaces available upon request.

Some of the anarcho-socialists that I have met online have had very individualist tendencies.

Lol, that’s some nice fiction there.

Since you don’t understand, I’ll explain:
This is a political discussion forum, people come here to discuss & debate.

The OP is about discussing & debating the subject of the leftists shoving their agenda down our throats in so many venues, pointing that out. It offends a lot of people.

It’s ok to talk about things here.

By the left. Yes. You been under a rock?

Obviously it bothered you enough to come here & post!

Did I mention Trump? No.

Not at all. I never did like America haters.

Nice spin! Didn’t work!

Funny how cons say NFLers are trashing the military, but fall right in line when Trump literally bashes POWs and war heroes. Hypocrites

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Bothered? No. Amused? Extremely