Who Won the Super Bowl Last Year in the NO FUN LEAGUE?

I really don’t know, in fact I don’t know who won or lost any game, not even my favorite team. I don’t even care.

I have found out something since I quit watching the games, & a lot of movies as well, because I’m sick of politics injected into entertainment, NFL, movies, etc.:
I have really been enjoying a lot of new hobbies & more time with family!
I don’t even miss it any more!

The politics took all the fun out of it, so it’s no longer entertaining, the whole reason most people attend games or go to movies is to forget things like politics, not have leftist politics shoved in their faces.

There is a time & place for everything, but the left can’t/won’t see that. They MUST make their point at every venue, inject it into everything, & I’m ok with listening to anything they have to say, but getting constantly yelled at & accused falsely daily gets old.

You went to/watched football for the pregame? Players silently and respectfully kneeling for a minute or so ruined the game for you?



The Philadelphia Eagles won.

Dont look at the salsa dip you might miss it

Who? Don’t care…

No, it’s disrespect. Deliberate disrespect, hating on the US. Nothing more.

They lost me. Just no fun any more, so now I have better things to do.

I’m missing all of it now. Even if they stop the trashing the US, disrespecting it, & hating it, I probably won’t come back. Just done.

Bizarre how many words it took to express just how much you don’t care about the NFL.

Based merely on word count and the time it took, id say the thesis statement is likely to be false.


No, they respect what the flag stands for - freedom, equality, justice, due process, etc. They are bringing attention to the fact that those ideals aren’t being achieved. They are being quintessentially American.

Snowflakes getting triggered so badly by a peaceful protest that lasts for a minute before the game even starts.

Exactly. Why create a thread about something for which you don’t care any more? It’s like asking a question when you don’t want an answer. :rofl::rofl:

What is the “NFL”?

This is just like those times Donald Trump says things like “I’m not going to talk about Hillary Clinton destroying her e-mails…”

If you want to make a thread about a subject, just make a thread about a subject, OK?

Don’t try to couch it in stuff like “I’m going to wrote a 500 word post on a subject I don’t care about” or “I haven’t listened to Sean Hannity in years. It’s just a pure coincidence that I’m going to make a post that is word for word something he said on his radio show this afternoon”.

Is it really that difficult?

They refuse to show any pride in our flag. That can anger some people. It doesn’t bother me much, what bothers me more are all the stupid new rules. Some impossible to enforce properly. The amount of commercials. I’m at the point where I only watch games my favorite team plays. And it has nothing to do with kneeling even though no Cowboy has done so during the Anthem.

It stands for Not For Long when it comes to careers.

I remember my dad watching something called NFL when I was a kid. Never did like it. Always thought it was stupid. It’s still around? Amazing. Some people will watch anything.

lol either that was a lame attempt to underscore your point, or you genuinely don’t know who the Philadelphia Eagles are and you never watched football in the first place. :wink:

You get yelled at and falsely accused daily?

Doesn’t sound like you were really a solid NFL fan to begin with. If you were, you wouldn’t have stopped watching so easily over such a minor thing…

I have season tickets and I’m usually buying beer and hot dogs just like thousands of other fans during the anthem.

You don’t care but started 2 different threads about it on a Sunday morning?