Who Will Harris Pick as VP When She Assumes Presidency?

I actually feel sorry for Hilldawg.

She does not look good health wise and would not be at all likely to get back in the scene.

It would be more likely for Chelsea to run.

That photo is painful…Slick Willy doesn’t look so bad.

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Is that Huma Abdien in the background?

i kinda thought bubba was looking a little geezer rough, like Biden. but they are getting up there

i’ll bet my right eye the plan is already laid out for chelsea. and of course her kids…

they never go away

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ha. gawd it might be but she is a little scrawnier than girl in background. but enough about wives of pedophiles

prob security

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they never go away…

Oh, that’s easy.

She’ll pick yet another Left wing America Last POS. Lots and lots to choose from.

The only way she’d pick Hillary though is if she’s suicidal.



with the way they run “elections” now i’m not sure that would matter

Chelsea strikes me as dumber than a box of rocks. I think Hillary to be down right evil but she isn’t dumb. Neither is Bill.

Not sure where the daughter got her “smarts” from. :roll_eyes:


democrats dont need “smarts”

biden is 50 year long proof of that


Barrack Obama, then Harris will resign.

It was the plan all along . . .

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i wouldnt be surprised

I think maybe you are seeing the 3rd term of Obama now. He and his flunkies may be pulling on the puppet strings for Biden behind the scenes.

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