Who will be the face in the House in 2023 for the dems?

With Nancy’s imminent departure
Which dem takes over in 2023? (most likely the minority leader)

Katherine Clark?

Hakeem Jeffries?

Pete Aguilar?

I think it will Jeffries. He’s young (51) and dynamic.

Who do other forumites favor?


Somewhat of a fractured caucus like today with The Squad draining all the oxygen in the room, as usual. Jeffries is a pretty good name for leadership.

Can AOC fill the bill?

She should since she represents the radical authoritarians so well.


Comn not nearly enough experience.


The Squad doesn’t really represent most democrats in the House. Plenty of times they don’t vote with them.

Who needs experience. She has a big mouth. :cowboy_hat_face:


Come on, Man. Progressive socialism is the way to go.

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All joking aside, Hakeem Jeffries is a great communicator and has a lot of liberal qualities. One has to listen to the base. We shall see what the donkey party decides.

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Why would you think she will leave office?

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I guess she did by property in low tax Florida. Maybe she is retiring and escaping high tax Cal like many people but until she says so, I don’t believe it.

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Liz Cheney




That was good enough to get in the Whitehouse in 16’…:grin:

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All the moderate dems are getting real old.

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That’s true we can see the upcoming democrats agenda with the squad. They win by the most margins and are the stars of the party.

She’s going to lose the gavel.


She’s going to retire.

It’s a given with the circumstances in place.

Every dog has their day.

She had her time in the spotlight.

Time to hand it off to the younger generation.


You left out Rep Primila Jayapal D-WA, current chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Sorry, she doesn’t figure into the leadership equation.