Who will be the face in the House in 2023 for the dems?

Progressive caucus is 95 members. That’s not even half.

The dems need a consensus pick, not a radical one.


Are we actually thinking that the Progressives are going to lose their districts? The moderates are facing primary challengers from the left and pissed off voters from the middle and right. If they lose 30-40 seats in the house, it will be moderate/swing seats lost. And the Progs could well pick up more seats within the Dem caucus. The progs are the future of the Democrat Party, even if they run it off a cliff.

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Here we go again. We going to keep talking Orange Man for the next 20 years?

Yep…He’s stuck to the GOP’s shoes like canine feces…:dog2:

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AOC will probably be their minority leader. McCarthy will be the Speaker.

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You ok?

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I heard that the speaker does not need to be chosen from elected congressmen or women. They could elect someone outside the House to be third in line to the presidency. Trump?

And the face of the Democrat minority could be… Mickey Mouse.

LOL, that’d be the ultimate troll move by GOP.

But - no guarantee they’ll win back the House, and even if they did there are a few anti-Trumpers amongst GOP. If he’s even willing to do that.

@Bosun :thinking:

In her case, that’s just about everybody. :wink:

We like to joke about her (she makes it so darned easy,) but there is no way the Democrats will move her up the leaderboard.

whoever brings in the most money to spread around.

Good lord is that a serious prediction.

AOC as minority leader in 2023

You wouldn’t care to make a pizza bet on that.

Even @Smyrna would NOT make that bet.


I am talking about the 40s and 50s set of the house leadership.

All three on the OP fit that bill.


The moderate part died in 2016 in all of them and in some of the R long timers and Romney.

My congresswoman to be is a moderate.


The problem is no one is allowed to be a moderate anymore. If you are a Republican and don’t toe Trump’s line, you’re a RINO. If you are a Democrat and you don’t toe the Progressive line, they label you a Con.

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They are not the brightest lightbulb in the house. :joy::joy:

I beg to differ. If one does not particularly like Trump and is a true republican he or she can have that opinion. There are some RINOs around. Not many but a few.

I prefer DeSantis over Trump and am not a RINO. PAmoderate, some day you may figure it out.

Let’s Go Brandon

You are entitled to be wrong. First off, DeSantis does toe Trump’s line. Second, all you have to do is look at the voting records of some of the people Trump has labeled a RINO and see it has nothing to do with policies and everything to do with kissing up to Trump. You can start with Mike Rounds voting record. I would love to know how that is not Conservative.