Who should Tucker hire to do a daily J6 video reveal?

Tapes the DOJ has full access to without the blurred faces. They need to get on the ball and arrest more of those evil conservatives. Can’t have them voting in the next election. The witch hunt must go on.

Yeah, but it’s been every day people combing over the videotapes, posting faces on social media that have been ID ing these criminals.

BTW, there are people getting arrested for this crime nearly every day. There will be at least 1000 more on top of the 1000+ already arrested.

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Why don’t you want people to be arrested for things like assault and vandalism against our capital?

Why would Mike Johnson want to blur the faces of Antifa, BLM, and the FBI?

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Why don’t you want the DOJ to do their job? They sure seem to have a lot of time to cruise the internet and censor voices they don’t want heard. Maybe instead of doing that they can spend their time tracking down granny because she walked through a public building.


If you aren’t going to answer the question, just don’t reply. Posting such deflective ■■■■■■■■ is demeaning.

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You are demeaning yourself.

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Anyone have any further information on when Moses Johnson plans to release the J6 videos?

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just another QOP farce.

Many many people are saying that the Senators and Reps don’t want videos of them panicking and screaming while trying to escape the insurrectionists put on the internet. So maybe it’s that.

It’s funny that no one cares, right? there was such a push to release these videos…now, nothing…

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I know. Weird, right?