Who should Tucker hire to do a daily J6 video reveal?

My vote is O’Keefe … he needs a new job and it’s right up his alley.


Please note: this is not about Carlson getting the videos first. It’s about who to help him now.

Steve Bannon.

That would be fun.

Kayleigh Mcenany would be my choice. She connects the dots well and can clearly refute nonsense being spouted by those lying about J6. There were/are a lot of liars involved that are about to be exposed. Raskin and Ray Epps come to mind.



Please post these video files on the web server.



Alex Jones. Someone that will bring some legitimacy to the whole thing.



But there are hundreds of hours, maybe thousands, of video. People do not on average have patience for real slogging work, especially when they aren’t getting paid to slog. Think of it as akin to a corporation dropping every document on the other side in a lawsuit … it is overwhelming by intention in that sort of instance.

The job I’m suggesting is not necessarily a fun one. Thus “slogging”. To have one video for consideration the next day any of these folks would have to spend maybe 6 or 7 hours watching random stuff to and the rest of the day just putting it together.

One (or even a few) video a day may not seem like much but the news cycle wouldn’t sustain much more.

What they should do with the server concept is hot link to the full video of the daily. And also organize the whole thing into a searchable format as they pile through. Then the unpaid masses can do slogging to their hearts content (for free).

It’s really a job for numerable people, but of course that means more money and fewer hours each watching video because there would be more hours in meetings and preparation. Diminishing returns and all that.

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Exactly just make the videos available to everyone in their entirety.

But do we really want a pundit who Fox have admitted his show is for entertainment purposes showing us clips of what he deems to be of importance?

i would say the same if CNN had all the footage.

Agreed. But they should do both.

Mainly to stave of the calls of “hypocrisy!” harkening back to their demands to release all the footage.

Anything short of that is “edited” and can not deliver on the demand.

You think even a mere entertainer (as you essentially assert) isn’t and improvement over the likes of Schiff having most everything to themselves?

That said, Carlson is the sort to at least try to get stuff out.

He just needs help, including sharing screen time, if he is to avoid becoming the J6 video guy.

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Everything could be unedited for actual content and the Left would still say it was if edited the hours of attached boring footage of congresscritters shuffling papers, random coughs and wandering around the chambers wasn’t left in.

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He does need money.

So what. The left will do what the left will do.

My position is based on the principle of releasing the video to the public, not the principle of what is best for a partisan optic.

if he is going to do a reveal, he should hire a burlesque dancer

then again…


It was Fox that said his show and what Carlson says is entertainment only. Blame Fox News for that not me.

Did I say Schiff should retain access exclusively or that we should not have access to them?

I dont need an entertainer or even a journalist cherry picking clips for me.

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I’m looking forward to the juicy stuff, if any exists at all that we haven’t already seen.

On a side note, let’s not pretend like every last one of these videos aren’t going to end up readily downloadable by us peasants. This is just a business move to make a little money off of an otherwise worthless event. :wink:


I’m feelin’ an Alex Jones, Bannon and O’Keefe team filling us in on the “Truth”. One can only hope.

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Good pick!!

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Every single name mentioned so far is a winning idea (to take the lead that is), but they’re still gonna need volunteers. Even 20 people is not enough. lol

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