Who needs "the onion"

this stuff writes itself. during the highest level meeting regarding our southern border, what was our “border czar” doing?


It has to be on purpose, how completely phony, annoying and unlikable she is…

Someone decided to expose her for all to see.

But to be fair to kamala, she already did that for herself back in the primaries…and the kavanaugh hearings…and…


Anyone else wondering how many takes it took for these people to get the video they actually released??

Miss Incurious pretending to be fascinated with knowing more about the vacuum of space, while having no interest in exploring the crush at the southern border.

Halarious name of the company they hired to do it.

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The production company was hired in August. I know this will start the herp-a-derp train a runnin’, but should we compare like poll approval ratings of presidents at the same time of year in their presidency?


President % Approval Date
Donald Trump 38 Sep 2017
Barack Obama 52 Sep 2009
George W. Bush 76 Sep 2001
Bill Clinton 50 Sep 1993
George H.W. Bush 70 Sep 1989
Ronald Reagan 52 Sep 1981
Jimmy Carter 57 Sep 1977
Richard Nixon 59 Sep 1969
John Kennedy 79 Sep 1961
Dwight Eisenhower 61 Sep 1953

so it was prescient. amazing

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She’s incredibly witless, vapid, annoying, ridiculous, disgusting, nauseating and most importantly, PHONY.

That’s a tough combination to sell.

Maybe if they got all of Madison Ave. working on a group project they could somehow convince us she’s not entirely useless.

Doubtful though.

Nah, Onion is still better:

As if you wouldn’t say that about any Democrat in power.

Even more phony than we thought.

But all of the children in the video are child actors, according to reports.

Trevor from Bernardino, California, a 13-year-old actor, explained to a local news station he sent in an audition tape for the video before his agent called him to tell him he got the part.

After filming the video with Harris, he praised Harris’ personality.

“She just sat us down. She is super charismatic,” he said. “She’s everything that I ever thought of her, plus more.”

In the video, the group of children arrive at the Naval Observatory where they react enthusiastically when they discover Vice President Kamala Harris lives there.

“Welcome you guys!” Harris said as she hosts the children for a roundtable discussion on her porch.

Can’t leave spontaneous interaction with kids to chance…get some professionals.

I’m having trouble being outraged by this. Seriously, who cares?

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The theme is phony, not outrage.

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Were you aware that she was a politician?

The trick is not wearing the phony like a crown.

How is she wearing it like a crown?

Exactly. By choice. What an inspiration for kids looking for a scientist role model! Get real.

She’s not a scientist… but there was an astronaut in the video… that’s wasn’t good enough for you?

Same Kid Sniffer Cabinet, different day. lol



They used professional kid actors. So maybe not as many takes as you might think.