Who needs "the onion"

Well instead of Harris, they could have had NASA Deputy Administrator, Pam Melroy, a former astronaut lead the effort. Oh… wait…

I bet Pam is already busy with other work…whereas Harris… uh… well nevermind. My bad.


Well they didn’t and life moves on…

Translation: "LOOK OVER THERE! "


Why? Look at the VP doing a video with kid actors. I don’t care… I just find it amusing that you do care.

why wasn’t the border czar in texas czaring at the big meeting with mexico? instead, she was sent to the kiddie table. and a fake kiddie table at that.

sinking ship entertainment… lol. this ■■■■ is golden.


Sounds like it was named after the Biden/Harris Administration. :wink:

Maybe there is a chance of the titanic staying afloat too.

She’s really unpopular.

If a bread and butter dem like me doesn’t like her at all, that just doesn’t bode well for her.

A prime example of the Peter principle.


Except named for the female equivalent. :wink:

Why are you talking about Melania like that?!

I dunno. Ask her? It’s not unheard of for people to delegate this stuff. You don’t like her, you don’t like the Administration or its policies, especially their border policies, so why do you even care? Just a bunch of nit picking.

as I recall, Whataburger made the best rings

They’re just mad that she hasn’t taken over like the CEC told them she would.

It gets harder and harder to defend. Pace yourself.

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I’m fine, thanks for caring.

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Despite being in an approval rating free fall President Biden’s ratings were still higher than President Trump’s in the first September of their respective terms. You gotta find your wins somewhere, even if it is in the name of a production company that films a NASA special.

What is so hard about figuring that out?

Arbitrary ratings are still arbitrary. Not sure why people get upset over made-up standards for evaluation so the media has something to report.

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