Who needs an AR-15?

Allow me to offer exhibit A.

Now. Tell me why this person DOESN’T need and AR-15.

PHOTO: Armed Civilians Stand Guard Outside Brooklyn Center Store (breitbart.com)

anyone who want one.
owning a gun is a right in America, dumb but still a right can’t remove it simply by waving your hand in Congress.

Dumb? Really? So the smart thing to do would be for those guys to hide an wait for po-leece?

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[quote=“CanadianJudo, post:2, topic:238933, full:true”]
anyone who want one.[/quote]

Well, no…but hey, think what they tell you to.

Kind of, but not really.

Sure it can, talk people into a deep enough irrational fear and they can do anything.

Okay, so I have some questions about the photo and article. I realize that MN is a open carry state, so no problem with that. And the article makes mention of store owners doing open carry to protect their businesses in the past riots. No problem with that. What was not clear is if those in the picture are defending their own property. And if it isn’t their property is that lawful? The article did state that nobody messed with these folks. So the tactic worked which is a good thing. I would hate to see what would happen if the whole thing went sideways.

Can’t see how whether or not they own the business being relevant legally. If I have a right to defend my home or business that would include the right to pay someone to guard it for me.

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I’m glad to see citizens standing up to this absolute craziness in their own back yard. It’s way past time to send it packing…

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Agreed. However the article is not clear on wither of not these folks were paid by the business owner or just showed up in front of the place.

I don’t see how people volunteering to guard a store would be illegal.

I’m gonna use some rounded figures for simplicity.

I believe there were about 10,000 firearm homicides in the U.S. last year.

9,500 of them were commited using pistols. So why deflect from the real issue and focus on a tiny fraction of homicides? Help me out wokies. How does your obsession with rifles help in any significate fashion?

Twenty views and nobody knows?

That’s all the proof you need that the wokies couldn’t care les about gun crime. Not one bit. In fact, they like it. It can be useful to them.

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Rifles are more scary than pistols and have a greater tendency to trigger libs’ emotions, which is the instrument most often used to process matters of importance.

The objective is disarmament. Once you accept this, every reworked law, every lie and every bait and switch becomes clearer.


Not only what you said, but when you use total firearm related deaths like the left likes to use because it makes the number 5x bigger, the total death caused by rifles is around 1%. And that’s not assault rifles… that’s all rifles combined.

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To protect the Pelosi Fort in DC from long range rifles. I guess.

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Then they blew it. An AR is pretty good up to about 500 meters. Depending on the wind.

I posted that in …

So why exactly are we trying to ban rifles?

Thread which was merged into this one.

On a good day she does about 900m

Cannot own a ar-15 in jersey.

It’s up to the state.


That’s because your state proudly violates the 2nd amendment.

Thanks to the 14th, the Bill of rights are incorporated.