Who makes our Nike's and Iphones mom and dad?

American companies are actually in business with firms that use forced concentration camp labor. Disney a child’s paradise just shot a movie close to the concentration camps and thanked the CCP. The NBA is taking the knee to the CCP, and on and on. The sad part is no one really seems to care or at least the ones who might be able to do something about it. NBC did a report on how China was burning documents trying to hide the evidence and Amnesty international released a report after interviewing 100’s of those who made it out which was difficult with the lack of access.

"Torture methods used during interrogations and as punishment included beatings, electric shocks, and stress positions, according to the report." They also included sleep deprivation, being hung from a wall, or being locked in what’s called a “tiger chair,” a steel chair with affixed leg irons and handcuffs that render the body immobile, often in painful positions.

More than 1 million Uighurs and other minorities from Xinjiang are believed to be held in internment camps, where they are forced to study Marxism, renounce their religion, work in factories and face abuse, according to human rights groups and first-hand accounts.

And this is why folks one can go to far left it’s not just the far right that has a monopoly on producing barbarism and body counts as can be seen throughout history. Marxist ideology deserves the same scorn and disdain as fascism. China deserves the same discountenance the west had for Germany during WW2 and the Soviet Union during the cold war. It’s not acceptable for our biggest trading partner to be the CCP just because some high level CEO’s can get a better price on labor from concentration camps rather than at home. It’s truly despicable the west has enriched such and evil ideology. It’s even more despicable they continue to do it as they shrug it off.

New details of torture, cover-ups in China’s internment camps revealed in Amnesty International report (nbcnews.com)


I would like the world to demand an answer on why the CCP restricted domestic travel yet failed to restrict International travel in the early days of Covid.

That was done with malice.


…and why they were buying up all the world’s PPE in early January, while telling the world there was no evidence of person to person transmission…with the WHO standing right along side…singing the same tune?


Easy questions with no answers!!

The global community needs to think like lawyers and go after deep pocket China for reimbursement.

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What ever happened to Dr Li Wenliang who courageously warned the world about the Chinese virus?


Nixon was a fool to open trade with them.


Another good question!

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Modern progressive ideology views America as the greatest evil there is and ever was. As a function of this ideology is a sort of sacrosanct view of other countries, especially non-white countries. The endgame is the destruction of Middleclass America. Notice how nobody is occupying Wall Street anymore. Big corporations are their bread and butter, they need them. These leftist ideologues don’t build ■■■■■ don’t develop anything, don’t produce anything. True leftist American Capitalism is copying up with the wealthy whether it be large corporations like BLM did, or foriegn businesses, just like Hunter Biden did.

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Nixon simply normalized relations and that was OK.

It was…drumroll…Bill Clinton that granted China MFN status in 1994…reversing a campaign pledge…that sent us down this trade abyss.

Clinton Grants China MFN, Reversing Campaign Pledge - The Tech


Normalizing relations got that ball rolling.

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Small step. I think open communication is good. Imbalanced trade is a much bigger step.

Clintons are still selling out our middle class to this very day.

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Before the left knew it, they were all in with slave labor in pursuit of their pocket toys.


This is a bunch of crap.

We use China because they’re cheap.

Everybody complains about their human rights violations. Right left and center.

There is literally nobody out there of any philosophy that’s praising China’s behavior.

But we all look the other way because they make the supply chain cheap.

It’s capitalism, not ideology.


Another thing… It’s always a crap argument to suggest that just because other countries and cultures are worse, any criticism of the United States is unjustified.

This tendency to always compare ourselves to the worst behaviors out there and use that to claim that we’re just fine is absolutely ridiculous.

The people who think our country still has work to do focus on our country because it’s our country. And theoretically we can do something about it.

Do you guys really think it’s praiseworthy to say about ourselves that at least we’re better than the worst countries out there?

All of us? I avoid made in China like the plague, not always possible but I do what I can.

Pointing fingers at “the left”, yet you own those same toys. :rofl: :joy:

Definition of hypocricy.

Bully for you.

Many people can’t afford to make that distinction.

If you’re looking for a grassroots effort to punish China, you’re living in a dream world.

And because right now you’re sitting here using electronics? There’s a good bet China is involved somehow in the stuff that you have.

Case in point, folks. lol

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Almost like watching someone point a finger at the mirror. Thanks for the laugh. :joy: :rofl:

Wouldn’t be possible if I had my way.