Who is Tommy Robinson, and why was he arrested?

I want you to explain it to me…in your words.

This is after a a forum where we do discuss politics.

You seem to be afraid about something.

For violation of open court principles?

libs say it does not matter.

in fact, they say that the constitution even applies to people who are not even in the United states, have never been here, are not citizens, but are thinking about and considering coming here.

I will explain it in simple terms you can understand… In British courts, like US courts, a judge makes a ruling… If you disagree with the ruling you use the legal process to contest the ruling… If you are an idiot and defy the judges ruling, the judge has people he can call that will put handcuffs on you and take you to prison. Your hero is an idiot and did not follow the judges instructions so the judge called those people he knows and they put handcuffs on your hero and hauled him to prison… See, that’s really not that hard to understand…

PS This is the outcome for most people who violate a courts orders especially when they are on a suspended sentence… Take a day off and go sit in a US or UK court some day and you will see people being led away in handcuffs who can not follow court orders.

You obviously believe that there are always good people on both sides.

It ain’t so.

But he didn’t use a camera in court this last time, he was outside was he not?

And you obviously believe good people are only your side.

If a side is ethno nationalists and the other side is not, there are indeed only good people on one side.

… cuz there’s a lot more to it than that.

How was he using facebook live then?

What odds would you put on that defense?

Well, the people on my side don’t try to spread racial hatred so… yeah. They’re certainly better than the side you are choosing here.

So you’re not allowed to film outside of a court house?

Why wasn’t the media there to film the rape case…is it not news?

You really aren’t paying attention are you? This didn’t occur in the United States

it is you who arnt paying attention. the lib article says it does not matter.

Really…so you think you’re arbitration of what is morally acceptable in a society?

Gag orders are pretty common, even in the US, stop playing stupid, you know exactly what this case was about and why your hero was there… I wonder how many other rape cases he has covered?

Here’s a live link from Ezra Levant of Rebel Media who I believe says things as close to neutral as you can find anywhere.

No. The article does not say that the Constitution applies to everyone in the world no matter where they are.

Isn’t it amazing that a trial, that’s being portrayed as fair, can be over in minutes? How can that be?

notice the use of the phrase “would-be immigrants” in the article.

People who have never yet arrived.