Who is Tommy Robinson, and why was he arrested?

In UK he was arrested for reporting on a case and sentence to 13 months.

Was his arrest justified?

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Even more interesting is why you believe this is relevant to the US… He was already on a suspended sentence and violated the court order… That’s pretty typical of what happens when you disobey a judge… you get cited for contempt…

What was suspended sentence and violation?

An ethno nationalist who has violated multiple court orders and uses social media to spread anti-Muslim propaganda.

I guess a better question is why some feel a need to defend him.

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Does it matter?

He had his day in court and lost… get over it…

So if he was spreading anti-Christianity would that be OK?

Now I don’t know who he is, I just seen his name all over Drudge. It seems he was arrested for filming a Muslim rape case.

Well that was very helpful.

Why are you defending such a scum bag?

So he was the wrong kind of activist.

No, he is a scum bag… apparently an entitled and stupid one at that… Why did you feel the need start this thread? Because of his views on Islam?

You can lie to yourself and pretend it is perfectly normal to look at an ethno nationalist who peddles in hate and see a victim in need of your support. The rest of us see him for what he is.

There are enough decent people in the world who could actually use a hand.

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Why are you offended?

Because “I saw/heard something on Drudge/FoxNews/Breitbart/Conservative Talk Radio” is how much of the right absorbs information and is almost completely responsible for their distorted view of reality and morality. And now the rest of us have to pay the price for their lack of critical thinking skills.

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How is he any different then some of left-wing activists that peddles hate?

Offended? I am LMAO that you didn’t do a few seconds of research to find out what a scum bag he is…

Too stupid to follow a court order?


libs say our constitution applies to everyone. were his constitutional rights violated?

Sigh… He is not a US citizen…

So this is what he did?

In March 2018, the former UKIP leader Lord Malcolm Pearson attracted criticism when he invited Robinson to film an interview in Parliament.[76]
Open court principle controversies

Robinson was convicted of contempt of court for using a camera inside Canterbury Crown Court and received a suspended sentence.[77] According to Judge Heather Norton’s May 2017 ruling against Robinson: