Who Is Running The Brandon Admin Indeed?

LaRosa continued. "The only people who can help change the people around [President Biden] is [Jill Biden]. It’s up to her.

What did he just admit?


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This work?


I suspected as much.

It does. Thank you. “Unpopular incumbent gets luke warm support from own party.” I’m not at all surprised.

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Yeah, but only Taco Jill can change the people around him.


Dude trusts his wife. There are worst people that could be influencing him.

I agree there are worse people who could be influencing him. However, he was elected because he was viewed as “moderate” but he moved left after being elected that was bad and unnecessary.

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I love this comment from Steny Hoyer in the linked article.

“I think Joe Biden has had as successful an administration as any president, perhaps since Franklin Roosevelt," he said. “And our job is to make sure the American people know how it affected them and their families so positively.”

In other words we need to make the people ignore the price of everything, ignore the border, ignore the new wars, ignore the Afghanistan withdrawal, ignore all the lying…and believe the propaganda we are going to feed them.


Steny thinks the American people are stupid obviously and some actually are.

Hopefully not enough to reelect the turd in the WH.


This one’s even funnier…

“ New CNN Poll: Trump has higher favorables+Biden has higher unfavorable," LaRosa wrote on social media in November. "This is inexcusable for man universally known for his character+intregity.”

Known for his “character and integrity”…the man is a pathological liar…surrounded by pathological liars. His administration just had to admit it lied about the state of Texas roll in the death of those three people on the border. The Biden bunch has lied repeatedly about the border, about his roll in Hunter’s businesses, all his old folksy stories are lies, he won’t even acknowledge his own granddaughter…

Character plus integrity my ass. The arguments here I guess are that clueless Joe’s campaign is doing a bad job of making people believe all the lying?


He’s known for Character and integrity all right.

Bad character and “integrity”.

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The thread title asks “who is running the Brandon administration”.


How much influence has Hunter had since he’s the one who solicited all that money?

Old Joey from Scranton can’t put two sentences together and appears to have very little idea where he is half the time so…imho he’s far more just the figurehead face. Other people are calling the shots.

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I laughed at the “character and integrity” line. They have no shame and think We… are stupid.


From the article:
“Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., said he’s “not real comfortable” with where the campaign is and feels the team needs more diversity.”
Yes, just like the VP and J’Biden cabinet. Diverse and incompetent.
Thompson is a water carrying Dimbulbcrat chooch.

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It seems we had a similar issue with Woodrow Wilson, with his wife effectively governing behind closed doors, with the support of his cabinet and party. Though, in reality, in both that case, and this one, it is the First Ladies supporting the party and cabinet to run things behind closed doors.


Democratic party to the people, “you can’t trust your lying eyes.”


I would say quite a lot. They aren’t going to give the Biden family millions upon millions for nothing.