Who Is Running The Brandon Admin Indeed?

The Democratic Party rigged the primaries in 2016 to give Clinton the nomination.

They rigged the primaries in 2020 to give Biden the nomination.

Now they are making sure that only Biden is allowed on the ballot.

Biden is most likely just a placeholder. Democrat billionaire donors and their deep state allies don’t want to risk actual democratic elections that could result in a nominee that would be more than just a puppet.

Biden delegates will end up selecting a replacement with zero input from voters in the name of “protecting democracy”.


Expect gulags and re-education camps for Trump supporters if Jill gets a second term.

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ALRIGHT… Who left the MD 20/20 Grape out for Bill to find?


hunter high jill



It’s been asked hundreds of times…

What is the Biden family business?

The answer is …

Joe Biden.

Hunter has admitted he would never have gotten those millions without his last name.

Somebody has to be advising daddy on what “policy decisions” to make with the investors in mind. And it’s not like Hunter doesn’t hang out at the White House.

It’s disturbing to think how much influence the crackhead in chief could have behind the scenes.


I saw that…

Someone on Dr Jill’s advance team seriously screwed the pooch on that one.

We’re only getting started.

ALL the stops are coming out this year, folks. ALL the stops…



Most important election in our lifetimes! We must end the tyranny NOW!

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Biden character is a bigger myth than Bigfoot.


This demands an oldie but goodie in the political world.

Same ■■■■ , different campaignin’. :wink:


Did you see this from Biden challenger Dean Phillips…

I know Phillips has no shot but I thought it was funny.


“That was funny, I don’t care who you are!!”…LMAO

Wait…he’s the most successful president since FDR.

“I think Joe Biden has had as successful an administration as any president, perhaps since Franklin Roosevelt,” he said. “And our job is to make sure the American people know how it affected them and their families so positively.”

He wasn’t a moderate, nor did he moved left. He ran on radical left ideas.

So who are you trying to gaslight here?


Joe Biden is not a “moderate”…he’s not a unifier…

He’s not a competent leader…

All the lies of the last election.


“AmERicA nEedS a nAp!”

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Back in December, Politico revealed that the White House was keeping news about the Red Sea attacks from Joe Biden. Biden’s own staff know that he could easily get us into a major war with his demented, impulsive response.

If Biden is not competent to make important decisions, who is making them?

If Biden really is making the decisions, how long will it take from him to get us into a major war?

Biden team wary of retaliating against Houthi attacks at sea

. . .The military’s job is to present a variety of options to senior commanders, but the ultimate decision is up to the president and the administration’s political appointees. In multiple high-level meetings this week, the Pentagon has neither briefed President Joe Biden on options to strike Houthi targets nor recommended that he do so, two of the officials said. All were granted anonymity to detail sensitive internal deliberations.
Biden team wary of retaliating against Houthi attacks at sea - POLITICO

Oh my Jesus Tap Dancing Christ…a representative is concerned and has an opinion? Weird in an election year.

What do you get out of that?

Thompson is entitled to his opinion. Why wouldn’t he?
But he’s still a Dimbulbcrat chooch. :crazy_face:

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