Who is Richard Ketay?

The president tweeted the following quote:


Who is Richard Ketay?

My guess is it’s the guy he is quoting or retweeting. Perhaps it’s one of these folks.


Did you look at any of the those results? Say, this one per chance…

It seems it is a letter writer to the NYT print edition

Just make whatever point it is you seem to feel is so important.

I doubt he “just came across it”, more than likely someone close to him and/or working in the WH found it and presented it to him.

He transcribed this entire letter to twitter by hand?

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I can’t see Donald going to that much work surely?

Why do you ask? Do you want to send ANTIFA to his home to re-educate him and his family?

He is important enough for the president to quote his entire letter on twitter. Why wouldn’t we want to know who he is?

Who he is obviously is not particularly important other than to folks like yourself.

Why does who he is matter more than what he said?

Maybe he has more thoughts to share…

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John Barron, John Miller, and David Dennison would probably like to know…

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It’s John Barron and David Dennison.

I believe he is in line to become acting Secretary of Energy.

Because it’s just more evidence this president is a sham if he made up some character to write that in a post newspaper…

The fun is watching you guys defend it.

If he wrote a fake angry letter to the editor I will die laughing.


Oh man. This reminds me of the time that a purported Scandinavian Air steward than got a letter printed in either the anchorage Daily News or the Times thanking the city for what a great place it was during his tour there.

He signed it “Aynall Sfinkter.”

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I expect that Trump sees him as important because he is one of the forgotten men Trump has promised to work for, who is expressing the opinion of someone Trump is working for, and who recognises that Trump is working for the little guys, despite the MSM psy-op aimed at making him believe otherwise.