Who is Mark Robinson?

Somebody needs to back his ass down. Do some canceling.

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I wonder how many people here watched Black Panther.

Because if they did watch it, I’d like to know in what way they found it offensive in the manner Mr. Robinson found it offensive.

Specific details.

Ilhan Omar! He’s just on the wrong political side.

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Sounds bat ■■■■ crazy to me. Why are these black conservatives always the ones that are championed by mainstream conservatives?

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This guy went waaaaaaaaay further than IIhan.

Because conservatives want to appear that they have a bigger tent i.e. disprove that they only appeal to older whites.

Isn’t this the second “Great American” the OP started a thread about that has a questionable past?

I wonder why you think it matters.

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Horse ■■■■■

Emphasis mine. I wonder.

I also wonder why black progs are so quick to forget about race when it’s convenient.


Because I want to know what cause him to have such a vitriolic reaction to a movie that was not offensive in any way, shape or form.

I have an idea…my idea is Mr. Robinson wasn’t reacting to the movie (my guess is he never saw it) but to who made the movie, and to the hype surrounding it.

Which is why it’s important to know the details.

You wouldn’t understand.

I can’t even post what he said here… could I?

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Sorry, when you say “anti-Semite and bigot”……

Now you’re trolling. That’s straight up bull ■■■■■

Do you want to?

I have a couple of questions .

  1. Why is the past so important to you guys? Are you the same person now that you were even 10 years ago?

  2. Why do you guys place so much emphasis on words rather than actions? With one president we get awful words, but we get less than 2.00 gasoline, Great economy and record employment, and even better deals on International trade. But words are so important to you that you elect a guy who has been a grifter for the last 50 years! His own son was selling access to Ukraine and China with a 10% cut for the big guy. Everything he has touched, he screwed up. Even Obama said to never under estimate Bidens ability to ■■■■ things up. But he sure has nice words when he isnt mixing them up! So again, why are “words” so important to you guys?