Who is fact checking the left wing media?

People just love to watch a train wreck. That’s why I’ve been switching back and for between CNN and MSNBC this afternon/tonight.

Lamestreme media has picked exactally 4 words for the 4 page letter to repeat over and over again. That being on the investigation into obstruction of justice Mueller “does not exonerate him.”

Why won’t the use the ENTIRE finding: “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.” Why won’t the left wing media say the report finds the president did NOT committe a crime, but it doesn’t exonerate him."

Shouldn’t the lame stream media put BOTH parts out for all their viewers?
Nope, they have to keep hitting that he was not exonerated.

Then they say ONLY Barr made the decision that he didn’t committe a crime.

WRONG again:

He didn’t make the decicion in a bubble:

After reviewing the Special Counsel’s final report on these issues; consulting with Department officials, including the Office of Legal Counsel;

Why won’t the lamestreme media say they consulted with department officials including the office Legal Counsel? Nope they have to put this square on Barr as a lone wolf decision.

Then this part:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and I have concluded that the evidence developed during the Special Counsel’s investigation is not sufficient to establish that the President committed an obstruction-of-justice offense.

It’s NOT just Barr that thinks no crime was committed. It’s also Rosenstein who oversaw the entire investigation.

Why won’t the lamestreme media mention that as well? Because it kills there narrative that it was a lone wolf decision from Barr who was appointed by President Trump.

THIS is why you should NOT believe what the lamestreme media tells you.

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That’s funny.

It was the lead story on ABC News and they teased it as a “huge win for President Trump”.

AND they spent more time talking about how there was no collusion found than they did about how Mueller left any conclusions of obstruction to the DOJ.

I’ve seen plenty of headlines online sayingbthe same thing.

CNN and MSNBC are not “all mainstream media”.

Turn on the talking heads . . .

I’m not talking onine, I’m talking the actual channel with the talking heads. 4 hours and not ONCE did they mention the parts I highlighted they missed.

Who’s factchecking them? Certainly not you.

CNN’s web site right now on front page:

Key findings: Mueller found no collusion, but didn’t exonerate Trump on obstruction
No collusion but didn’t exonerate – why not say inconclusive since the letter said didn’t find anything chargeable, but doesn’t exonerate?

Because Trump and his Lamestreme supporters will keep repeating Trumps BS that the Mueller report completely exonerates him.

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I watched CNN a bunch, they said a lot of things including more than four words.

I heard the whole phrase several times today, it was even in the scroll bar on msnbc. And I didn’t watch the news “all day”.

As evidenced.

It’s important that the real media focuses on the truth and repeats it in the face of Trump’s usual complete ■■■■■■■■■

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I heard them repeat it over and over again on cnn, what if this op is more biased than the networks?

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Situation normal.

No collusion,

Justice department reviews the facts from mueller and has said NO charges on obstruction.

That sounds like a win across the board to me.

How many times did you hear the entire thing like I posted above?

You know, that others in the department reviewed muellers findings? That rosenstien apparently agreed with Barr?

That there wasn’t enough to say Trump committed a crime. Wow! Whoopee!

I’m fine with it, but Trump and his lamestreme supporters claiming complete exoneration are full of ■■■■■

Enough so i never want to hear it again. Over and over. Both parts. It was pretty good coverage for Trump but with people also wanting to know what Mueller listed for obstruction and letting it be known that it was Barr/Rosenstein’s determination that there was no case for obstruction.

I watched CNN for about two hours with Wolf Blitzer holding up the paper like a lost treasure unearthed. Didn’t see MSNBC at all though.

I don’t watch talking heads.

I tell everyone I know to do their own fact checking and don’t just listen to anyone else.

So why would I waste time and energy on talking heads?

To paraphrase Red Dawn…all that hate’s gonna burn you up…and it’s NOT gonna keep you warm.

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no more indictments. kind of means this is a dead horse liberals keep beating.

They are clinging to that and ignoring the facts since it’s all they have left to hang onto.

The Mueller Report is a complete repudiation of their story lines and claims for the last 2 plus years.

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I think liberals need a dose of reality. Nothing will come of this, Mueller has put the nail in the coffin.

Thats exactly right. What we are witnessing are liberals deep in delusion and ignoring reality.

Three other very important words from the report. “No Evidence OF”.

This is a much higher bar than what federal prosecutors usually apply which is “would any prosecutor reasonably think based on the facts they can get a conviction?”.

The former is “no evidence period” of a crime being committed, the second questions whether the evidence is sufficient to get a conviction.