Who is fact checking the left wing media?

It’s like any other addiction, they can’t cope with being instantly cut off from the hope that there’s still something there.

For the mains stream press it’s even more critical since it shows them for the shills for the DNC that they are and that they’ve been lying to the public in a coordinated effort to bring this president down since even before he took office.

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What crimes are those?

No evidence of obstruction.

No evidence of collusion or coordination between the Russians and The Trump Campaign which was the entire premise for launching the investigation to begin with.

If there was evidence of crimes, why wouldn’t mueller indict?

What crimes?

Remember Mueller charged people for crimes way outside of the Russian investigation.

So what crimes would be in the report that he wouldn’t have charged.

This answer should be good.

According to whom? Can you cite a portion of Mueller’s letter to Barr to that effect?

He was empowered to prosecute any crimes he uncovered during the investigation as part of his original charge.


What exactly is that supposed to mean? His powers were never changed after his appointment.

So wait,

Your saying Mueller purposly ignored crimes that can be charged?


You want to go there?

What you are saying is gibberish and not supported by any fact.

He was empowered to prosecute any crimes he uncovered during the investigation.

Can the “Lock her up” contingent kindly just shut the ■■■■ up?

Thank you.

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Why? I thought the whole reason Mueller was running the investigation was because they wanted it to look like and independent investigation? Why punt it over to the AJ?

Sounds like the Comey/Hillary mess all over again.

Do you regret any of the attacks on Mueller?


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I am pretty sure that is coming anyway or at least I haven’t heard anything saying it would be withheld, probably will be redacted.

Trump and his lamestream supporters claiming complete exoneration are full of ■■■■■

It’s not that hard to understand man.

Glenn Greenwald is having a lot of fun at the expense of the media, today


Kinda reminds me of all the video of the media predicting the 2016 election.Those compilations were a hoot, too.

How embarrasing this has been for the American media.


There is a media reckoning needed but that clip cobbled together is part of it, it’s the same as the footage pieced together.

I don’t need to be an expert I read the letter that charged him with his duties.

Reminds me of the breathless anticipation of the Bush/Cheney indictments.

It’s more like OJ getting off.

That’s quite the change from your previous comments on what Mueller had the authority to investigate.