Who is buying Hunter's prints?

I note that the half shredded Banksy’s piece of art was recently sold for £18,582,000. What a piece of art is worth depends on what someone is willing to pay for it.

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…all while those Mueller lib lawyers were at work, with the scope that they could investigate and prosecute this and “anything else they find” but yet…Trump wasn’t charged? Why is that?

Because of the Office of Legal Council memo that said that a President cannot be indicted.

And good try at trying to change the subject from all of the appearances of impropriety surrounding the Trump hotel that the Old Post office.

How do you feel about the part where $3.75 million was paid to them by foreign entities but only $355,687 was remitted to the Federal Government?

Anything and everything that’s illegal, I want prosecuted by the same laws that were broken and I want this prosecution to be done to all…equally.

How about impeached?

The thing is… that it probably isn’t illegal.

Just corrupt.

There wasn’t the political will.

People who know better don’t give a ■■■■■

Let me guess, @Jezcoe turned a Jbiden Inc thread into a Trump thread.

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Yeah…rite. How many impeachments were there over nothing? Now you say something ridiculous like this? How does Joe say it? “Come on maaaaan”. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Trump** was impeached.


Only President in history.


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The first impeachement was over abuse of power in the office.

The second impeachement was over trying to destroy our democracy.

…and yet…nothing stuck because it was pure bull feces. Now Jez says this one is real though but still…the same result. Lib nothing burgers for sale. Come and get em. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

$75k a pop. Wonder how man “paintings” Jbiden’s bag man has “sold”?

That’s a good year’s living wage, almost two, for the country class.

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This sham was brought to the attention of the AG:

“Ken Buck compares Hunter Biden painting to classical art, asks Garland to appoint special prosecutor | Fox News” Ken Buck compares Hunter Biden painting to classical art, asks Garland to appoint special prosecutor | Fox News

I’m sure he will be looking into this.:wink:

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This is great. Appoint one and then appoint seven more to investigate the one. What’s that spell? Benghazi!

LOL at Ken Buck finding his new moral compass becoming concerned with the appearance of impropriety.

It is as though when there was a change of president recently it ushered in an era of new found moral compass.

no she wasn’t

ivanka bought trademarks in china. ones she has yet top employ

Could those foreign entities be the same foreign entities that funneled cash to the Bidens? We will never know, apparently.

And the loss of any by others.